Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter: The Lord Continues to Build and Prepare His PeopleJune has been a flourishing month, for which we thank the Lord. The Nong Phlap Church attendances on Sunday have gained strength with 98, 103, 115, and 143 attending through the last four Sundays. Every Sunday has had a first-time visitor. One Sunday, the Lord gave us 9 first-time visitors and another Sunday, 10. These visitors have been returning, and our young church is growing. Our children’s programs on Sunday saw up to 36 children in attendance, with first-time visitors and returning visitors also. Twenty-nine souls have been saved this month through June 25, 2022, both in church and out soul winning. Unfortunately, a new privacy law has passed in Thailand that will temporarily keep us from being able to share pictures of all these who are coming to know the Lord. Please pray that this law eases up in the future.

Bro. Curtis Hall from BEST Ministries visited with us the week of June 12. For years, we have been giving out Thai, Karen, and Burmese Bibles, which Bro. Hall, Bro. Bowen, and BEST Ministries raise the funds to supply. As a missionary on the front lines, I often have the honor of giving the Bibles, of which many dear prayerful folks overseas gave the monies for, to the new converts. Thank you! On that Wednesday night, Bro. Hall announced that he will supply the Nong Phlap church with a year’s worth of Karen Bibles, helping our new converts each have their own Bible. This is a tremendous help, as the church was at a point that we greatly needed more Karen Scriptures. The church members were so joyous and thankful for this fantastic donation. Praise the Lord!
Here in Nong Phlap, our national assistant pastor, Mr. Freestar Chuchat (Star), recently made arrangements to have his dad Dada, age 70, come to Thailand for medical treatment. Individuals in our churches and team gave towards the cost of transferring Dada. In only one week since his arrival, Dada has seen great improvement to his health, from barely being able to sit up to being able to walk. Please pray for him and for the rest of Star’s large family, some residing in Thailand and others residing in Burma.

Nong Phlap

Twenty-Nine Salvations Thus Far in June: We thank the Lord for His working as we are out giving the Gospel. Thank you also for your prayers that the people of Thailand would learn and trust in our great Saviour. I’m always amazed, but not surprised, when a Gospel-giving situation looks like it’s going to go nowhere, but people end up being very attentive and even in tears upon hearing the Gospel. With face masks and temperature checks just letting up here, you can sense how the Thai people have battled the war with health, finances, and just a general lack of safety and security. One such man, Notawoo, age 55, came up to Hua Hin from a southern province, nearly eight hours’ driving distance. He didn’t know where his next meal was coming from. When we handed Notawoo the tract, he opened it up right away and started reading it. There are far more askers here than people giving things, so people can really take an interest when a nice piece of glossy paper is dropped into their hands. Star and I took Notawoo through the Gospel story, and when he was asked if he wanted to believe, with great sincerity and eyes wide open, he said, “Yes, I believe.” Notawoo was carefully pronouncing his words as he prayed fully with his heart and asked Jesus to save him. We invited him to church where he can be baptized, receive a Bible, and grow with a group of encouraging believers. In the doom and gloom of Notawoo’s overwhelming fears of health, finance, and safety, he found the ultimate light and hope in Jesus.

Our Team Leader Will Be on Furlough

Please pray for our team Leader, Bro. Tim Shook, and family as they prepare for a support- raising furlough starting in early August. Their two children, Lauren (age 16) and Mark (age 15), have grown up like weeds and are such good examples for our three kids. During their months of furlough, we will be even busier, as Bro. Jon Beil and I will alternately fill in on Sundays, preaching at the Hua Hin church. The other Sundays, I’ll be in Nong Phlap as usual, preaching one of the services, while Mr. Thiraphong Sirichanokmak, Pastor Pong, will handle the earlier service time. I’ll also be continuing to teach and preach the discipleship Bible studies every Wednesday night for the Nong Phlap church. Please pray for continued growth and stability among both churches during our team leader’s furlough. We will look forward to his safe return.

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family