Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter: New Souls Reached, Saved and in Church + Land PossibilityPraise the Lord for your faithfulness in service for world missions. Thank you for all of your prayers and extra Christmas blessings that have made a tremendous difference here in reaching and helping people. God has kept us healthy, in spite of consistent heavy smog, and has given the ministry many blessings throughout the month. I love working here.

Back in October of 2023, during the five-week “Reach Your Jerusalem” program, we saw Joquwah, a young, single, faithful-to-church man, finish in the top three for bringing visitors to church. He enjoyed the prizes he won, but his true joy came from bringing people to church and to the Lord. For example, here in our neck of the jungle, the construction industry is booming, which is requiring many, many workers. Districts are rapidly changing with new housing and businesses being built. If you search hard enough, you will find temporary-worker villages all over, which house all of the construction workers and their families. Workers come from many places and are contracted for an amount of time. One project often leads to another, causing workers to live here for years, as long as the local economy keeps growing. Joquwah alerted us to one of these areas around the end of December. In January, we made it a priority to visit this area with him, and what a blessing it has been. After taking a long, twisting maze of roads back to two empty fields (certainly Google would struggle or even give up with this one), we saw two officially sized courts, one for volleyball and one for takraw (a version of volleyball where you hit a smaller, plastic ball over the net using only your head or feet). When we arrived, only 4 or so people were there. However, about every 5 minutes, new people would arrive. We had 2 groups giving the Gospel to the unsaved as they arrived to play that evening. Eight people were saved at the courts through 5 different presentations of the Gospel. Most of those 8 have come to church and brought new visitors with them over the last two weeks, which has resulted in more salvations at church. Through God’s hand, the Nong Phlap church has seen regular attendances of 140-plus on Sundays and 50-plus on the Wednesday night discipleship/prayer Bible studies. In January, God delivered 26 salvations through individual soul-winning efforts. Pray for us all as we continue to seek and find the lost in the ways and places God chooses.

At IBC-Hua Hin, the teaching of the adult Sunday school class continues to go well. Many are taking notes, memorizing verses, and learning or relearning foundational truths of God. We entered Lesson 2 of the Teaching All Nations series, and it has been a blessing to interact with all of our Thailand Team and churches every Sunday. January and February saw or will see three guest preachers here in both the Nong Phlap and Hua Hin churches: Bro. Curtis Hall, Bro. Stephen Shook, and Bro. Matthew Bosje. Pray for these men and their families as they travel long distances to be a blessing to the churches. Another blessing is that Tan, one of our young Thai national staff members who has been with us since our arrival in Thailand in 2008 (Tan was 10 years old at that time), is getting married—tomorrow (February 2, 2024)! He will be marrying Pim, a God-loving young lady who is the niece of Singad, another longtime, faithful staff member. Pray for Tan and Pim as they happily start a new chapter of their lives, serving the Lord.

Lastly, many have sacrificed, given, and prayed for the opportunity for International Baptist Church of Nong Phlap to own land and build a multi-generation-lasting church property here. Thank you! We have located beautiful and suitable land that will meet all of our needs and more. So far, God is directing us to this land specifically in a variety of ways. Please pray as we research all of the details of the land, making sure everything is legal and as it should be. As always, we want what God wants and in His timing, so more than anything, please pray for that.

We love you all. Thank you for helping us through God’s grace and your faithfulness to Him.

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman and Family

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