Brian and Liesl George Prayer Letter: Need for Air Conditioning in Bethel Baptist ChurchHere in Tucuman, Argentina, the heat and humidity are high, and our prayer is to be able to install air conditioning units in the church auditorium. In the summertime, the heat will stay over 90ºF during the day for many weeks and fluctuate from 75ºF to 104ºF on some days.

We desire to have air conditioning installed because we believe that the church represents Christ and should be the same or better than where the average citizen lives. Today, most people have at least one air conditioner in their homes, and any business you go to has air conditioning; however, when they come to church, they must endure the heat.

Secondly, we are running several fans to keep the auditorium bearable. These fans create a lot of noise, which makes it harder to hear God’s Word, depending on where you sit. Therefore, we are running the sound system very loudly. All this creates an unpleasant experience where, at times, you can’t understand everything the preacher is saying. “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17)

Our prayer is that God would provide the funds to have air conditioning installed soon and that God would give you wisdom about what part your church could have in making this a reality. Thank you very much for your consideration. Please pray for this need!

We have consulted with an expert in this field here in Tucuman and have gotten an estimate for this project. The figures from the estimate include equipment, materials, and labor. It would cost $33,500 today to complete everything. Prices increase daily here, and the exchange rate has been relatively stagnant for the past month.

We are steadily losing buying power as things continue to get more expensive. Two years ago, we had the same estimate done, and it would have cost only $15,000 then. At the rate things are going, this project could cost significantly more in the next few years.

The estimate includes installing the proper electrical infrastructure and six light commercial split AC units. These units provide heat and cooling, so this will be a solution for year-round. Each unit is 18,000 frigories (5 tons of refrigerant), giving us 30 tons for the auditorium. Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you,

Brian R. George
Your Missionary in Argentina since 1996