Andy and Connie Richey Prayer Letter: New Church Property and Building!We would like to give God the glory for the wonderful things He has been doing here in our corner of the world—Kenya, East Africa (Karunguru, to be exact). The biggest news is that our church has grown, and we have moved to a bigger facility! Over the past several months, through soul-winning and preaching services, God has called more than three dozen to Himself, as precious souls made a prayer of confession and faith in Jesus our Saviour!

As God grew Lighthouse Baptist Church in numbers and maturity, it became very clear that the time had come to relocate. What began in a rental hall (imagine a small storefront) was God’s leading at the time. Over the three years the church was meeting there, a vision was ever present to move to a better property, but we waited on God’s timing. Over the last year, we have prayed and searched for a suitable piece of land. As we would find a possible place, we would stand on the land and pray for God’s will to be done. We found a few plots of land that seemed great to us, but God just didn’t allow them . . . until the fullness of His time arrived! God had added the right people and matured enough of our members that the time of change became clear to move to the location we have just entered.

We have a 2½-year lease, with the sole option to purchase. After a month and a half of hard work, a temporary building has been constructed at a cost of $10,000. The current need is to purchase the land at a cost of $150,000 (approximate cost based on the exchange rate). This property is a quarter mile from a major road, is bordered by a paved road, and is ideally placed among residential areas! Please pray with us for souls to be saved and added to this great body of believers and for God to guide in the provision of the needed funds to buy the land, once again in His perfect time.

There is no doubt that God is allowing us to work with some of the best men and women in all of Kenya. A great friend and fellow missionary, Brandon Heselschwerdt, has begun a new church plant about 1½ hours from our location. When he and his family recently went to the States for a short furlough, he asked our church to fill in for him while they were away. Our people did such a great job of teaching, preaching, soul winning, and working with the children there! It really stirred my heart to see how committed and capable they have become in the Lord’s work. Over those six weeks, I served only as a bus driver for God’s servants while they performed the work of the ministry, Amen! Watching them was a catalyst in my mind to know that our own church was ready for the big step we have recently taken in seeking land and a new building.

Lighthouse Baptist Church was in a position of need for a national pastor some time ago. In a previous letter, I asked for prayer regarding this issue. Two years ago, God added to our membership a very bright young man by the name of Emmanuel. After one year, I began referring to him as “Pastor” before the church. The church called him to take a paid position as our assistant pastor not long ago. He accepted this call of God and responsibility after prayer and fasting. I could not be more excited to inform you that Emmanuel is now getting a monthly salary, completely funded by the offerings of the members of the church! This was a great step for our church, which also showed me the time was right to move and grow our church facility.

As I looked around during a recent Sunday in our new building, I was struck with both joy for what God has done and, at the same time, with a burden because the work has just begun. There is a long way to go until this race is over or Christ returns! We had a record attendance. We have so many children now that we had to begin dividing them just to be manageable. Adults responded to the invitation after preaching like never before. On this particular day, our Kenyan church leaders and staff ran the entire service. One Scripture that shapes my approach of ministry is II Timothy 2:2, “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.”

Please pray for us as we push into new territory as a church. Pray for souls to be saved and for wisdom, as we seek the Lord to continue adding to His church souls that would be saved!

Your servants for lost souls across East Africa,

Andy & Connie Richey