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Courtney and Ester Godsoe Prayer Letter: Philippine National Police and Nursing Home Ministries

Courtney and Ester Godsoe Prayer Letter: Philippine National Police and Nursing Home MinistriesWe praise the Lord for 1,947 precious souls professing faith in Christ during the months of March and April. I should mention that sometimes when we share the Gospel with a group of people, we must estimate how many were saved. I always estimate on the low side to be sure that the numbers aren’t inflated. It’s a great time to be serving the Lord in the Philippines. There are so many opportunities to share the Gospel and teach the Bible. We have witnessed and taught the Bible in business establishments, in public schools, in police stations, on public transportation . . . and the list goes on.

During this letter, I’d like to mention our involvement with the Philippine National Police (PNP). The government is making efforts to reduce corruption and strengthen the credibility of government institutions. One of the key facets of this effort is integrating religious organizations and Bible teaching into government institutions. In our region of Central Luzon, we have a program called “My Brother’s Keeper” (MBK). The director of MBK is a Baptist pastor and a friend of mine. As part of MBK, police are required to attend a weekly Bible study taught by a “Values Coach.” Our church provides four “Values Coaches,” including myself, my assistant pastor, our music director, and the pastor of our outreach work in Lipa City. Several police from our local precinct come to my office for a Biblical character lesson each Thursday morning.

Please pray for my friend, Officer Cedric Landicho, who recently lost his wife to cancer and then lost his mom less than a month later. He’s having a pretty difficult time.

I was recently the speaker and guest of honor at the 30th Annual Philippine National Police Ethics Day Ceremony in our city. I preached a message and, at the close, was able to share the Gospel. I estimate that 15 officers received Christ. After the ceremony, Ester and I and the couple with us were invited to have refreshments and chat with the chief of police, who also professes to having received Christ.

Jayson, my assistant pastor, was asked to give the invocation at a police charity event, which was held at a local home for the aged. During the event, he was also able to share the Gospel with 47 seniors, 22 nurses and staff, and 50 police officers. I was very excited about this, as I had preached for several years at a nursing home as a lay worker while I was in the Navy. There aren’t many nursing homes in the Philippines, as most people care for the seniors in their homes. Jayson and I met with the head nurse, who gave us a tour around the home. It was difficult for me to hold back tears as I met the residents, and my heart went out to them. I remembered the years I had ministered at a nursing home. We agreed with the head nurse to have services on a regular basis. I will fill you in on our first service in my next prayer letter.

On a lighter note, we have a small basketball court in our church parking lot, and we had a “Mosquito League” (elementary-aged boys) Tournament. I was amazed at how good some of them are. Joshua, one of the best players, is maybe four times the height of the basketball. I think I enjoyed watching them play more than watching a professional game.

I recently celebrated my 67th birthday, and several folks in our church took Ester and me on a trip to a resort near the fishing village where Jun Abanes, one of our faithful men, grew up. We took three trips to his village on an outrigger boat, and I got to visit and share the Gospel with many of his relatives and childhood friends. It was one of the highlights of our almost 20 years in the Philippines. God is so good!

Thank you all again for the joy and privilege of serving the Lord here in the Philippines on your behalf.

Yours for souls,

Courtney & Ester Godsoe

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