Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter: How Far Would You Go to Attend a Good Church?The Difference Is Worth the Distance!

Yesterday we made the acquaintance of a beautiful family from Pakistan. Both the husband and wife had been reached by the same independent Baptist church there, where they met and eventually married. God had blessed them with one daughter and one “miracle” baby boy (long story) before they moved about one year ago to the country where we serve. The only Baptist church they could find within close proximity to their apartment was a worldly, liberal Baptist Union church. Then they heard about our church. Yesterday, they got up a little after five, dressed quickly, and walked to the train station. They took a train about an hour to the ferryboat port. They took the boat two hours to our province. We picked them up and brought them to our morning service. Total travel time (one way) came to about 3½ hours. They were overjoyed to see girls and women dressed modestly. They were elated to see King James Bibles. They sang the hymns and soaked up the preaching with great enthusiasm. Their family of four ate dinner with us and then went to another team member’s house in hopes that their kids would take a nap. They stayed for our evening service, after which we dropped them off at the ferryboat station for their long journey home. They expressed their desire to come every Sunday, but knowing it won’t be practical, promised we would see them often. Maybe you should stop and thank God that you live in a country where you can hop in your car and be at your fundamental church of choice in minutes. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to ask yourself how far you’d be willing to go to get to a doctrinally sound church.

Team, Camp, and Websites

We now have four families working actively with our team; and, by God’s grace, all four families have been granted visas—at least for now. Pray, as the battle for visa renewals remains constant. We recently held our first Survival Camp around a scenic mountain lake. Men and boys slept outside in tents and hammocks at night and enjoyed lessons, activities, preaching, and great meals during the day. We even got to witness to the park ranger! In addition to seeing growth on our English YouTube channel, Answers from Scripture, we are making great progress on our all-Turkish website,  If you have Turkish-speaking friends or acquaintances, have them check it out. They can study or download the Scriptures, read tracts and articles, and watch the plan of salvation by video. New material is being added regularly.

Upcoming Furlough

As mentioned in our last letter, my family and I are planning to be on furlough for the months of February and March. We already have meetings booked as far north as Adrian, Michigan, as far south as Austin, Texas, and as far west as Portland, Oregon. The itinerary is filling up fast. If you want us to report in your church, you should contact us as soon as possible at mabwgm@protonmail.com.

Missionary #6501