Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter: BlessingsMastermind

A few years ago, I attended my first Missions Mastermind conference in Ghana. It was simultaneously one of the most inspiring conferences I had ever attended and the most practical. When FBMI asked if we would be willing to host one, I had misgivings. I definitely wanted to, but how could we? The logistics would be so challenging. Our entire team has only two vehicles, and between our team and delegates, we would have nearly fifty people to transport. Friends attended from every inhabited continent. I can’t say how honored I am that this group is “my crowd.” With some out-of-the-box thinking, we not only pulled it off—but we had the time of our lives doing it.


On the Sunday of the aforementioned conference, I preached on “Seasons.” One of the observations I mentioned was that we were seeing people saved, but very few of them were nationals. Just days after our coworkers returned to their respective fields, I was able to lead a Muslim national to Christ. We had been praying for him and witnessing to him for over two years! Others have been saved since, and it seems like God is beginning to show us another season.

My Favorite Beggar

There are many beggars in this country, but one stands out as my favorite. He is severely crippled and walks on his hands—but he is always happy. Sometimes he lets us give him money to buy food; other times when he has had a profitable day, he will take us out to eat. One of our team members raised the money to purchase him an electric wheelchair. He has used it to travel all the way to our church on two occasions. Pray for his salvation among many others.


Tomorrow, Saturday, we are taking a group of our students to a professional basketball game. The following day, we are hosting a guest preacher and hope to have an extra big crowd at church. The following week is Thanksgiving. We have so many come for our Thanksgiving dinner that we are, once again this year, offering the dinner in two separate venues. Please pray for our team members currently divided in four groups: (1) those currently here working with us, (2) those returning soon to try renewing their residency visas, (3) those on furlough trying to raise more support to offset the runaway inflation, and (4) several new ones considering joining us on the field.


We wish to thank our supporting churches. You have been faithful and generous in abundance this last year. Pray for our oldest daughter and her husband as they raise support to return to Nigeria. I thought you might be blessed to know also that our little church here in the Middle East is currently supporting five missionary families at $100 each per month. May God bless you all and grant you a happy holiday season.

Missionary #6501