Xavier and Rebecca Lopez Prayer Letter: Souls Saved, Missions Conference, New Bus Route, & Prayer RequestsThank you for your prayers and support. You are enabling us to reach more people for the glory of God. Please pray that God would send us more laborers to help preach the Gospel to every creature!

So far this year, we have had our first wedding, held our first Missions Conference (we now support 8 missionaries), started a new bus route, and had our highest church attendance of 268! Please pray as we strive to grow the church to 300 in regular attendance by 2025.

The end of last year, someone accused me of running over his child. He told me that I was going to jail unless I paid him. We found out that I had traveled to preach, so our vehicle was parked at the airport at the same time as the accident. The judge ruled to throw the case out because of a lack of evidence against me. Even though I was innocent, it still cost me thousands of dollars in legal fees and was a waste of time.

This past May while soul winning, a motorcycle cut me off causing me to run into it. The riders vehemently accused me of trying to assassinate them, and I was unlawfully put in jail for four days. Although the investigator officially ruled I was innocent and the driver of the motorcycle was at fault, this, too, cost me thousands of dollars and a lot of wasted time. Both incidents are from the same bus-route area where we are actively reaching people. Please pray for God’s power and protection as we advance the cause of Christ in more strongholds of the Devil!

Our vile jail cell had excrement in each corner, and a strong smell of urine filled the air. One of the blessings under these circumstances was that my walk with God was on fire! I also had the privilege of winning three cellmates to Christ! One of the men was so discouraged that he was ready to end his life. With slumped shoulders and tears in his eyes, he sadly told me how he had lost everything. Thank God, I was able to encourage him and help him find new purpose in life through Jesus Christ! Please pray that God would bring these three men to church and help me train them to become soldiers for Jesus Christ.

We are planning a furlough for next year (2025) to report to churches and raise money for new projects. If you would be interested in our visit, please let me know so we can plan accordingly.

Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as we continue to invest our lives in doing the most important work of winning souls, baptizing, training our converts, and planting churches. Please also pray as I endeavor to be the most productive church planter possible.

Xavier Lopez