Warren Storm Prayer Letter:  25th Anniversary!“Keep the Buses Rolling” Ministry was started on July 10, 1993. After much desire to help our churches with their Bus Ministries, I brought this burden on my heart to my pastor, Dr. Jack Hyles. He was excited about the possibilities, and he said, “Go!” Then in his gracious way, he said, “And to think, I was there when it started.” He was such a humble and great man! I had an auto-repair shop that eventually closed, as I was on the road helping churches most of the time. What a joy it is to be able to fix the buses, go soul winning with the bus workers, speak on the Bus Ministry, and just be an encouragement to the pastors! God has blessed beyond our imagination!

What God Hath Wrought

In the past 25 years, God has allowed us to win 4,145 to the Lord in personal soul winning; 616 of those who trusted Christ since 2005 were parents of bus kids. With God’s help, we have repaired over 3,770 buses. Since 2005 when we started keeping records, 450 buses that were out of commission have been put back on the road. Up till 2015, we had painted over 300 buses. We no longer paint buses, but we still help the churches with painting instructions and “tricks of the trade.”

Over-the-Phone Repairs

Through the cell phone, God has allowed us to help many mechanics fix their buses over the phone. Recently we helped a church bus mechanic restart their church bus and get it back on the road. My phone rang at 1:30 a.m. The Anchor Baptist Church bus, full of teens, was stalled on the side of the highway with some 800 miles left to go to Teen Convention. Praise the Lord! After a few things we suggested that they check, they got the bus going! It made it all the way there and back home again. Praise the Lord! He is so good!

In May, my wife had the privilege of going soul winning with Mrs. Mollie Smale in Elyria, Ohio. Mrs. Smale gave the Gospel to a 13-year-old special-needs girl and her mom, and they both sweetly trusted Christ as their personal Saviour. They were excited to go to church with her the next Sunday, and they have been coming to church ever since. “But when thou makest a feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind: And thou shalt be blessed . . . .” (Luke 14:13-14)

My wife has been helping care for her 96-year-old mother Marjorie in Omaha, Nebraska. On Monday, July 2, her mom’s only sister left out of nine siblings went to Heaven. Dorothy was 98 years old, and she loved her Lord Jesus very much. Marjorie was very close to her sister, so took it pretty hard. She said, “I’m the only one left now.”

Those of you who are our faithful prayer warriors and supporters are so appreciated. Thank you for your faith in “Keep the Buses Rolling.” Please call us at 219-689-0011 for any Bus Ministry needs. We want to be a help to you.

Prayer Requests

(1) Pray for Jary Lynn’s mom in the loss of her sister. (2) Pray for our daughter and son-in-law, Angela and Gregg Schoof, and the believers in Rwanda, Africa. The government has shut down 7,000 churches. (3) Thank you for continuing to pray for our son David Highfill in the Navy in Djibouti, East Africa.

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm