Warren and Jary Lynn Storm Prayer Letter: Keep the Buses Rolling Celebrating 29 YearsKeep the Buses Rolling 29th Anniversary

God laid this ministry on my heart at a “God Save America” Conference at Hyles-Anderson College on July 11, 1993. Dr. Bob Gray preached the message, “Why Win Children?” I surrendered to God’s call and brought my desire to help churches with their buses to my pastor, Dr. Jack Hyles. He was excited about the idea, and he said, “Go!” For 29 years now, we have been traveling, fixing church buses, preaching and teaching on the Bus Ministry, and going with bus captains on their bus routes, trying to win the parents of the bus kids to the Lord. Caring for the fatherless and the widows is a ministry after God’s own heart.

Busy Two Months

In June and July, God enabled me to help the bus mechanics fix 42 buses. That doesn’t include the ones we helped fix over the phone. We were able to travel over 1,200 miles, helping 14 churches and preaching and teaching 16 times. It was our joy to win 7 people to Jesus and hand out Gospel tracts at every opportunity. We give God all the glory. It’s not what we did; it’s what God did through us. We are just sinners saved by God’s amazing grace.

Northern Bus Problems

We had several buses that would stall or would not start. We fixed many of them by cleaning up the corrosion on the battery cables on both ends. On some of the computer harnesses, the connectors had corrosion. We had to clean them up or replace them. On a couple of the buses, we had to replace the sheet metal that had rusted out around the rear wheels.

On some buses, if you have a bus that will not even turn over when you try to start it, you may first want to check the locking device (not the handle) on the back door, then lock the slide-bolt, and start the bus; one of the kids may have played with it, and it unlocked. I just received a call with that scenario today. The mechanic was overjoyed when he locked the slide-bolt and the bus started right up!

Missions University

We missionaries enjoyed a great week of training and meeting other missionaries with Dr. Mark Bosje and our FBMI staff. We also could enjoy our Youth Conference in the evenings. It was such an encouraging and refreshing time to see God working in hearts.

Thank You for Your Thoughtfulness: We so appreciate your cards and messages. It is truly a blessing for us to hear from you on our special days. We would like to be able to thank each one of you personally for your kind thoughtfulness. We are so thankful for your prayers and for each of our supporters.

Praise and Prayer Requests

We are praising God for our good health reports and for His protection. I passed my CDL physical. We ask for your prayers for God to help us reach more souls, encourage pastors to grow their bus ministries, recruit more bus workers, and recruit bus-mechanic missionaries.

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm