Walter and Suni Poole Prayer Letter: New Members and GrowthHere in Cambodia, the rainy season has ended, and farmers will begin to harvest the vast rice fields. God has commissioned Straight Road Baptist Church to have her own harvest of souls. We are so grateful for your vital partnership.


In our last letter, we mentioned four different people who had made spiritual progress of some kind. Shortly after the letter went out to our prayer supporters, each one of these four encountered roadblocks in their life, either physical or spiritual:

• Pastor Samnang was sidelined for several months following surgery.
• Seyla was not in church because she moved, and we could not locate her.
• Leap informed me that she was too busy for us to visit and teach the Bible to her.
• The health of the man who was baptized took a sharp turn for the worse.

However, I am happy to say that Pastor Samnang was back in church last Sunday, and Seyla and her sister were found once again. I “believe” Leap will allow us to visit again, and my frequent visits to pray for the health of the baptized man has “seemed” to open his wife’s heart to spiritual things.

This is not the first time that church members have met opposition shortly after I featured them in a prayer letter. This is simply a reminder to all of us that lasting victory only comes after much patience and prayer. Your participation is vital!


Pastor Samnang’s wife comes every Sunday night with her sons and a coworker from her market stall. Recently, she has added her oldest son to the list of those she has influenced to attend church, and the teen daughter of her coworker joined us last Sunday as well.

Soline Brown is a Cambodian lady attending a solid church in Rochester, Minnesota. She has been a blessing to our ministry many times. Recently, she persuaded her nephew, living in Phnom Penh, to start attending our church. He, along with his wife and two children, has been faithful since coming the first time.

It has been our long-term desire to build a teen program. With some of these recent new members, added to those who already come regularly, we are trusting that the Lord will help us to make this a reality. Please pray for us.


I have been asked by a Korean friend to teach English to a group of high school students visiting from Korea. They want to experience a new culture and improve their English skills from native speakers, such as myself. This will take place for about a month, from January 11 to February 7. We are urgently looking for two more teachers. Would you consider coming to help us with this, as well as being a part of our church on Saturdays and Sundays?

My wife is going to India in January to help with a Ladies’ Christian Conference. There will be some speakers from the United States participating as well.


We have been taking a long hard look at the future of our ministry here in Phnom Penh and beyond. There are signs that God is sending national men to work alongside us. I cannot say yet that it is a team. These men are mostly untrained, and their personal and family commitments need to be considered. However, the Spirit of God is well able to take something without form and void and “move upon the face of the waters.”

I believe two things are needed to allow this ministry to endure after we are gone. One is to have someone or several people to consider coming to help us in the training process. This could be long- or short-term. The second thing is to purchase land and start building a permanent church structure.

Please pray for:

• The conference in India, safety in travel and fruitfulness.
• Teachers for the Korean group in January.
• My son who is under a demanding final year of high school.
• My daughter to be occupied usefully during this free year after her high school graduation and before she starts further education.


Walter Poole and Family