Shari House Prayer Letter: Great Beginning to 2024!What a great beginning we have already had to 2024! The first Sunday in February, a young man named Eurt was baptized. I had the chance to lead Eurt to the Lord during our weeklong Bible Clubs back in October. We held Bible Clubs in five different locations, saw hundreds of kids attend, and saw many trust Christ as their Saviour. Eurt came to our Somaprong Village Bible Club and was all in from the first day. He memorized the Bible verses, learned the songs, and soaked up all of the teaching. He often has to help his aunt on Sundays in her shop, but he has been able to make it to church a few times since the club. Please pray that Eurt will continue to grow in the Lord and that there will be much fruit that remains from this endeavor.

One of the biggest blessings of the Bible Clubs was getting to see our church teens, which included the missionary kids and many of my Heavenly Treasures girls, helping and leading in the music, teaching, and Bible memory.

It was an absolute delight to have my parents here for a visit over Christmas. They got to see firsthand our Christmas Programs in the schools, which reached over 4,000 students and staff with the Gospel. Then on Christmas Sunday, they were a tremendous help as they passed out gifts to the 500-plus people who came for our special services. After the service was over, we headed out to our church plant in Nong Phlap, where we distributed gifts to the children from the Karen Orphanage. Here’s a link to see a video of our time with them: It is wonderful to have parents who have spent their entire lives loving others and serving the Lord . . . even when on vacation.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been hosting Matthew and Katie Belle Bosje and their son Mikey while they were here on their survey trip. What a joy and asset they will be to our team. One evening, our team went to visit some of our faithful widows and to witness to their neighbors. We sang a song, played a game, and Matt gave the Gospel. Several trusted in Christ. Afterwards, three boys came up to the group when we were handing out snacks to the kids. I got a chance to translate for Katie Belle, who led these two boys to the Lord. The third boy told us he was already saved. That is always surprising. When we asked him where he had learned about Jesus, he said, “From you guys when you came to my school for Christmas.” Praise the Lord!

Serving the Master joyfully,

Shari House