Robert and Anny Wilson Prayer Letter: Packed and JammedWe praise God for the blessings He has bestowed upon us since our last letter. We have seen scores saved and baptized through the different ministries of our churches. During the month of January, we have had someone saved and baptized in our main church every Sunday! The Lord has also given us several new members. May Christ be magnified!

Jude 22 says, “And of some have compassion, making a difference.” During the last two months, we had an extra push to bring new families on our new van routes. Our route workers strove to bring new families from these new areas we are reaching. We have had 20 new families come on these routes in the last 2 months alone. One of our route captains, Bro. David, had 70 people on one Sunday from his route. He filled a 12-passenger van. Another member went to help him pick up with his minivan. Later, I went with our 18-passenger Ford transit to help out. All 3 vehicles came back from his route to church “packed and jammed.” Amen!!

Another one of our route captains, Bro. Jonathan, brought 45 people to church on one Sunday in an 18-passenger van—all in one trip! The area he is reaching is literally “dirt poor” and considered a high-crime area. I have given Jonathan several members and church teens to help as workers on his route. We are making a difference in these needy areas! It warms my heart to see our members, both young and old, heartbroken for souls.

Our Bible college students were home for the Christmas season. We decided to do evangelistic work here in our area during their stay. We went to preach in several rehabilitation centers here in our area. One rehabilitation center was full of only women. All of these centers let us take a large tank with us to baptize those willing. In one week, we had 250 souls saved and 117 people baptized! Glory to God!

We sent another teen from our church to Bible college in January. Pamela is a young lady from our routes whose mother was murdered and whose father abandoned her. She and her three younger sisters are being raised by their grandmother, who lovingly strives to keep them in church. Pamela is definitely a “Trophy of Grace,” and we are all praying for her to make it. Please pray for Pamela, our son Robert, and several other teens we have sent away to Bible college. Our hope is that some will come bk to serve with us and that all will make it into full-time ministry.
I had mentioned the need for a four-cylinder vehicle to help us with the rising gas prices. (We only own large vans.) We thank those of you who have contributed! We still need US$11,500 to reach our goal. We continue to ask prayer for our safety. Violent crime here is always on the rise, and as Americans, we are prime targets. Also pray for us to raise more support. We have been on the field for more than 20 years, and our support has waned. I have some capable men, but they are yet unable to carry this heavy burden I carry in Mexico for me to make a prolonged trip to raise more support. Please pray for more laborers for our ministry. We are praying for you.

In His service,

Robert Wilson