Peter and Melody Morris Prayer Letter: Medical Clinic Leads to Many Being SavedI just want to take a moment to say a particular thank you to those who pray for us on a regular basis; it is very much appreciated. We could not have been as blessed as we have been without those who fervently pray for our family and our ministry. Thank you.

This month has been very busy. The first week of March, we had another Pastors’ Practical Training Academy (PPTA) for one week, and then I went up-country to see what four of our pastors are doing with what we have been teaching them. This was about eight hours of driving to reach the area, and then I was on the move for a week, visiting pastors and seeing the work they are doing: in Bomet, Pastor William; in Rongo, Pastor Samuel; and in Homa Bay, Pastor Wycliff.

Pastor William has a “church” of 25 people, including an “apostle” Joseph who visited for the first time while I was there. We taught on a couple of things that Joseph had never heard before; he realized he was not saved, nor was he a prophet. I got to lead him to the Lord, and now he has become a regular attendee. He has had an alcohol problem in the past, but he is a well-educated man, and I think he has great potential to become an excellent church member as he is discipled by Pastor William, one of our PPTA students. Joseph is already showing interest in coming to the PPTA. This group had been coming together for about five weeks at that point. We will be working toward this church becoming “organized” in the near future. At the moment, they are meeting in a small, used tent donated by Brandon Heselschwerdt and his family, our team members. It is perfect for a start, but it won’t be long before they will need a church building to facilitate their growth.

Pastor Wycliffe has a relatively new church with fewer than 40 attendees in an area with many false teachers and churches, but they are growing in number and in grace. In this area, there are many Seventh-Day Adventists and a sect called Roho (“spirit”), who preach that you must be righteous, keep the Sabbath, etc. to get to Heaven. The Roho sect won’t shake hands. They clap in front of you but will not touch you because you are a sinner and may contaminate them. Pastor Wycliffe has a huge potential to build a large church as he introduces correct doctrine in an area where it currently doesn’t exist.

Pastor Samuel is also a student at the PPTA, and he currently pastors a church of about 150 people. He is having issues with one particular man who has invested money into their building and regularly wants to invite bad doctrine into the church. Pastor Samuel has a location near his home that would be ideal to build a work for the Lord. He says he would immediately have 50 adults attend a new church based on truth. He says he would quickly see growth once he has a building.

Pastor Jacob is in an area about 20 minutes outside of Migori. He is a mature pastor with about 70 in his church. He is a PPTA student who will complete his studies soon. He has a church building that was badly constructed and now has cracks in the walls and floor, indicating it has major structural issues. It cannot be used with confidence that it won’t fall down, so they have moved back out under the trees to try and keep out of the sun and rain but still meet. The church has great potential for growth, particularly now that the pastor has been trained in correct doctrine and practice through the PPTA.

We had a one-week break before going back up-country to help facilitate a free medical clinic for the local, unsaved, non-church members in an effort not only to look after their physical needs but also the spiritual need of salvation. Dr. Waller and his wife, who is responsible for the pharmacy, three other doctors and their families, along with a number of God’s choicest servants, totaling about 23 people, looked after the medical needs and vision needs of the hundreds of people who came for help.

Brandon Heselschwerdt brought his wife Ali, who was in charge of triage, along with my 18-year-old daughter Lindsay. Their three children, who range from 7-10, were also a great encouragement and worked hard. Bro. Brandon did a great job, first of all organizing the event on the ground in Kenya and then managing and coordinating the operation on a daily basis, allowing the doctors to get on with their job. Another team member, Andy Richey, brought several of his church members to assist with interpretation, crowd control, pharmacy, etc.

My responsibility was to supervise the soul-winning operation, including 12 PPTA pastors. Over the 5 days, the 12 pastors present saw 1,118 souls come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. It was a blessing to see how much these pastors have grown since they first came to the PPTA. Each person who came through had a one-on-one meeting with a “pastor” to determine whether they were saved or whether they needed to be taken through the Gospel to ensure their understanding of salvation was correct and give them the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. I was greatly blessed when I saw the pastors totally committed to attending to every individual as hot and as tiring as it was.

The final statistics showed that Medical had 927 patients, and Vision (optometry) had 521 patients, totaling 1,448. Pharmacy processed 2,635 prescriptions. The total number of those calling on Christ to be saved and receive eternal life was 1,118. It was a great week. Praise the Lord!

Please pray for these pastors, who have been studying hard and now, I am sure, will be asking for help with building a church building that will house their growing congregations. I am praying that God will allow me to assist them in serving Him in a more effective way through soul winning, discipleship, and the future training of their local-area pastors and tribes, as only they can. A building in some of these areas would help the multiplication process and spread the work of the ministry through training and seeing more souls saved. God is good. Please pray and ask the Lord as to whether you or your church would be able to help with such a church building project.

Thank you and God bless you. If it wasn’t for those who partner with us in prayer and help with finances, we would not be able to do what the Lord has called us to do here in Kenya, East Africa.

Your fellow servants and co-laborers in Christ,

Peter, Melody, and Lindsay Morris