Paul Sock Prayer Letter:  Fruit to Your AccountSeventeen years ago we met Kaziemiera in Lublin, where we lived when we studied the Polish language. She was a mother in her fifties, and she had two daughters. Her oldest daughter is an organist in the Catholic church. Her younger daughter Anna had prepared to be a nun, but because of some personal issues, she was dismissed from the church and her position in the service of being a nun. Kaziemiera and Anna had been born again and were attending a Bible-believing church in Lublin when we met them. She and Anna would go soul winning with my wife and me in the parks and on the streets. They then began witnessing to neighbors, family, and everyone they met. Eventually after we moved to Warsaw, these two ladies started attending another church, and they were still being faithful witnesses. They would go to hospitals and asylums to visit the sick and witness to them. About 10 years after we left that city where we met Kaziemiera and Anna, their pastor came to Warsaw and stopped by our church. He told me that Kaziemiera and Anna both attended his church. He said that we had changed their lives and that they were still fervent witnesses. The pastor mentioned that the ladies had influenced their entire church to be witnesses; they inspired others to go out to be a public testimony. She later moved to another city and encouraged that church in soul winning. We recently found out that Kaziemiera went to Heaven. Praise the Lord for a seed planted that grew into a mighty tree! Kaziemiera learned to be a witness, and many heard the Gospel through her testimony.

Our church in Warsaw got to host its first wedding. The couple was from Nepal. They had about 80 wedding guests in attendance, and I got to share God’s plan for a Christian marriage with all the guests. The couple asked me to lead the ceremony and to emcee the events of the wedding. We mentioned that we didn’t want to attend a wedding where alcohol was served. (At most Polish weddings, the people all get drunk.) This young couple decided not to have any alcoholic beverages at their wedding! We were honored that they made the right choice. Several contacts we met at the wedding said they would attend our church. Pray that they would not have to work every Sunday and be able to attend.

Missionary Eladio Rangel from Mexico came to visit Poland. He stayed in our home for two weeks and went out to witness on the streets with me. He plans to come to Poland as a missionary. Bro. Rangel was always singing or whistling, even when we went into stores. People noticed his joyful spirit everywhere. He really encouraged our Polish people at church. He needs more support. All of his support is from Mexico, and he told me it takes five years for a missionary from Mexico to get enough support to go to the foreign field. Pray for his needs and for us to have some help here in Warsaw.

We recently made a ministry video of the work the Lord has done here in Poland since we have been here. It can be found in Dropbox at the following address:

More than conquerors,

Paul & Jolie Sock