Paul Sock Prayer Letter:  Encouraged TravelingsThese past months have been very busy for Jolie and me, as we have traveled three times. First, we needed to go to the United States for a physical checkup for both of us. The doctor gave us both a good report and said we could return to Poland. That was a two-week visit to the States. I do ask for continued prayer for our health, especially for Jolie, for further healing with some issues she has. After we returned to Poland, we were only home for a day and then flew to Germany to attend a mission retreat held annually there. We enjoy being with other believers and fellow missionaries from around Europe. It is a time of good fellowship and making friendships. We weren’t sure we would be able to attend, even though we planned to all year, because of our unexpected but needed visit to the States, but when the doctor told us we could return to Poland, we were grateful to be able to attend the mission retreat. After that we were in Poland for two weeks, and then we joined Dr. Ray Young and a Hyles-Anderson College group on a European-history tour that took us through Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It was very informative about WWII history and also very scenic and romantic, as we enjoyed snowy weather since it is November. We are truly encouraged and have been greatly challenged being around many strong believers. Perhaps the Lord knew we needed this time of refreshment.

It is not usual that we are able to leave Poland and travel because there is no one to take our place in the church in Warsaw. This time was different. Two good men have joined our church within the past year, and they are capable and willing to preach. They were a tremendous help while we had to be away. It is exciting to have others who desire to put their influence in our church.

We’ve had many blessings during the past few months. Our church in Warsaw is presently making plans for the Christmas season. One man wants to have a Christmas program. Please pray for the plans that are being made and that people will come and hear the Gospel during this season of the year.

A young couple recently joined our church. They are planning their marriage in February. We are planning to host our first wedding in Gospel Baptist Church in Warsaw. They are both from Nepal. Pray for the upcoming marriage of this young couple.

This past Sunday one Polish man, whom we have known for 15 years, was walking through the meeting room cleaning and straightening the chairs before the service. It is great to see people getting involved and being a help without even being asked. He has also brought many visitors to the meetings.

We received another 26 boxes of John and Romans to pass out, for which we are grateful. We continue to witness to people and plant the Gospel seed in many hearts. We are encouraged by God’s promise in Psalm 126:6, “He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.”

Thank you for your prayers and support to reach the dear people in Poland.

More than conquerors,

Paul Sock