Paul and Ling Awi Lung Prayer Letter:  He Put Me into the MinistryI trust that you all are in good health. Through your prayers, we are the same here, by God’s grace and mercy. I praise God that He allows me to give you this report on the ministry’s progress.

The country where I serve is politically and economically in bad shape; the situation grows worse and worse. The prices of everything are heading up towards the Dark Ages, but spiritually, God is teaching us a lot of lessons to learn for life. God is still at work in our midst. We preach the Gospel, and God saves His people. Every week, I baptize new converts.

The government regime tries to stop the ministries. They are not allowing us to hold services on Sunday evenings or Wednesday evenings due to the curfews, but we use several tactics to get around this mandate. We hold our services on Sunday evenings in the afternoon before the curfew. The regime also made an official order that all pastors and ministers of all denominations must dress in black or white gowns each Sunday. Without this uniform, preaching is prohibited. This is a terrible mandate to tolerate. I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime. The weather is very hot and humid right now, which makes these gowns even more difficult for us to preach in.

Two weeks ago, my preacher boy, Pastor Shing Ling, was forced to move his church building, Kyanthar Baptist Church, outside of the town; it was a big loss for us. Of course, they gave us a small piece of land in return—they said we don’t want to see the church building in the middle of the town. Sadly, we had to hire local workers and carpenters to move it outside of the town. So, things are not going well at this point, but I love my country and my people. God saved me and called me. He put me into the ministry to witness and to proclaim the truth of the Gospel. I just keep the faith and trust that God will take care of everything. There will come a time when all evil things will be done. Amen:

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for my country’s political situation to return to normal—to freedom and peace.
2. Pray for my health, my family, and my son Thang’s studies.
3. Pray for my 22 preacher boys and their families, their ministries/works.

Praise and Thanksgiving

1. Pastor Tim Butler of People’s Baptist Church gave us $2,500.00 for Faith Children’s Home building.
2. Pastor Brent Armstrong of Tucson Baptist Church gave us $1,500.00 for the girls’ dormitory at Agape Children’s Home.

Thank you for your faithful support and prayers. May God bless you all richly.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Paul T. Lung & Family
Calvary Baptist Church