Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter: God Is Doing Great Things in the Middle EastPraise the Lord! Once again, God has answered our request to provide for the need of a fellow saint. Through your faithful support towards our family, I was able to give $1,000. God also used a different means to provide for them as well. The wife of this Christian family works as an English teacher, and once a year, the school sometimes provides bonus funds for their teachers. It just so happened that the bonus money came in at the right time. As I am writing this letter, they are now on their way to Pakistan to have the surgery! Thank you so much for your prayers!

It seems that God is doing great things here in the Middle East. These last few months have been full of various transitions! A family from Mexico came here to take a survey trip. Another family came and is in the process of securing a place to live. Please pray that God would open up a door where they have liberty to minister to the Syrian refugees but also a place where the wife isn’t constrained to the home because of her health conditions. In my opinion, they need a place near the seaside in a more rural area. Another man from Iran, who is gifted in languages, will be meeting with us. Maybe God would use him in our ministry here.

I had the privilege to meet a Persian pastor in a city five hours away. I was asked to preach a couple of times in a conference they were hosting, and God seemed to foster a bond between us. I am hopeful that God will use this relationship to increase our coasts in reaching the Persian people in our country.

Another transition is that we now have a Bible app in the native language for the Apple devices, and soon we will have an app for android devices. The internet radio is now live with a 24/7 broadcast. We are currently broadcasting John and Romans, with instrumental hymns played in between each chapter, along with a Gospel presentation. Pray about acquiring permission to broadcast Unshackled and other various programs. Unshackled is one of the most listened to programs in one of the largest cities here.

A potentially big transition is underway, as we are considering purchasing a building. It seems that God is leading us to at least gain knowledge and experience for acquiring a building, but this may or may not be the right timing. As long as God continues to open the doors, we’ll keep walking through them. Getting financing is unreasonable, but there are some potential investors that God may use to open this door. This building would not only house four families serving on the team but also provide a place for our English classes, the church auditorium, and a media studio. The rent that we would normally pay would be paid to the potential investor(s) until the total sum given is paid off. It seems that this would be a reasonable solution for purchasing in this country, but we need prayer for wisdom as we navigate this possibility. The inflation has increased beyond the exchange rate, and many homeowners increase the rent more than the legal limits. Having a building would bring more financial stability, and more of the money given would go towards the ministry work. The rent for our home was increased, but within the legal limits. This was a huge answer to prayer!

I hope God will continue to expand and grow our ministry here to reach the uttermost part of the earth! I love the idea of getting a facility here that would not only be a hub in the Middle East to train pastors and messengers, but maybe God would allow colleges in the States to send potential messengers to finish their training overseas! Praise God that we live in the greatest time of history to serve Him! My prayer is that God’s church will lift the name of Christ higher this year than any year before!

Missionary #6506