Dan and Gerri Johnson Prayer Letter: Returning to the Field SoonWe came to the States in December for a grandson’s wedding in Texas. The first few weeks were great.

Then it hit—my fifth kidney-stone episode! The pain was not as excruciating as my last one eleven years ago, but it was much more drawn out, lasting about three weeks from the first to the last procedure. The stones are all out now, but then I came down with the flu, which I generously shared with my wife and our daughter/chauffeur. My recovery has been very slow; I still feel exhausted. I have only been out of the house for doctors’ visits since my last procedure on the 18th, which ended up being an overnight stay in the hospital.

We should be returning to Brazil on Monday, February 5. Pray that I will recover my strength by then. Also, pray that we can find someone to take us to O’Hare Airport for the trip. If anyone is able, we can be reached at 865.230.7217.

We will arrive in Brazil just in time for our church’s Carnival Camp (Mardi Gras), a time to get our people away from the sinful activities of Carnival and give them some fun and spiritual activities.

Thanks for your prayers and support. Have a blessed 2024.

Dan & Gerri Johnson