Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter:  A Joy to Serve Christ!What a joy it is to serve Christ! These past two months have been challenging, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Seeing God demonstrate His grace is worth any challenge or difficulty. When there is not much time for phone calls, pastors have been calling me! God has nearly filled our schedule this year; therefore, when they call, there is not much flexibility on my end to find a date, but so far, every pastor who has called requested dates that fit perfectly into our schedule and location! Praise the Lord!

We are now in our busiest season of the year. We have been in church fourteen of the past sixteen days, and this is just the beginning. We have four meetings and six conferences in October and six meetings and one conference in November.

I have enjoyed the opportunities not only to preach and present our ministry, but also to be a part of many different outreach ministries. What a joy it has been to see several people saved these past couple of months. I especially enjoyed street preaching in Columbus, Ohio. God allowed me to cross paths with a Christian man who once lived in the country where we are going; he said he has contacts for me. Plus, a week ago, a friend of mine led a Muslim man to the Lord, who also lives near where we will be, and he also gave me information. I am excited to meet these people as God continues to provide more contacts.

I believe God has been leading me to plan for a second survey trip with my wife this coming April 2019. Other than our more recent deputation travels, my wife has never really traveled outside the Wisconsin area, but she has seen God provide and protect our family as we follow His leading. She is willing and confident to go to the Middle East, even without any survey trip. However, I believe God has put it in my mind to plan a survey trip with her.

God knows that I would go to the Middle East in a heartbeat, regardless of deputation, and there are days when I contemplate the possibility of just going. However, I am humbled to meet wonderful people and find friends I would never meet unless I was on deputation. I want to thank all those who have gone out of their way to demonstrate the love of God on our family.

Missionary #6506