Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: Preaching Opportunities, Great Progress, and Family MilestoneLast year, God opened doors for me to travel and preach in Egypt, Israel, and Jordan. We saw more than 14 people trust Christ in Egypt with our group. Thanks to some generous giving and pledges, we may be able to preach in 2 Muslim countries this year! As shared earlier, we are making arrangements to return to Turkey for the first time in over 6 years! I will be joining one of our choice workers who pastors a group of refugees from another Muslim country. We hope to encourage the brethren and see souls reached for Christ in a historic city. We hope to reach displaced earthquake victims from Eastern Turkey as well. We will be close to the New Testament site of Laodicea, mentioned in the books of Colossians, I Timothy, and Revelation. It’s a thrill to serve again in the heart of Bible history. But this is just the start! When you heard of our financial need to visit these people, some were able to answer in a great way! This fall, by faith, we are planning a return trip to Morocco, where we have been asked to preach in two churches in the northern part of the country. My heart is aching to return, and we believe adequate time has passed to make it safe for me to reenter. Please pray for these opportunities—for God’s power, a hedge of safety, and divine appointments. Muslims are getting saved!

Our son is in his last three weeks of high school. He is already making plans to attend H___-A___ College, the same college I graduated from in 2005. My wife and I are so pleased with his and our daughter’s efforts in school and the way God is guiding them into serving Him with their lives. Please pray that they would know God’s will and do it.

In the past three weeks, we have seen one Afghani and two Iranians come to Christ. R___ and N___ live in Iran and Germany, respectively. Both were reached in virtual classrooms through our online ministry. A___ is an Afghani man who, like the others, has been listening to the Bible taught for months. During this past week’s prayer meeting, he asked M___, one of our pastors, if he could receive Christ then and there. How sweet it is to hear the sinner’s prayer in Farsi . . . and to know that there is celebrating in Heaven!

A.T. is a m___ in the country of I___; he serves in the northern part of the country. God introduced us late last year, and we have been working hard to recreate our web model for online study and social media outreach to these people. I have written six different studies on essential Bible doctrine for Muslim seekers. To date, we have had them translated into Arabic and Farsi. A.T. has just completed a Sorani translation so that we can post these soon and draw local social media traffic to us. Our goal is to begin reaching, winning, and training Iraqi seekers by late summer. Please pray for God’s enabling hand through all of this.


• We need Godly translators—native Farsi, Sorani, and Arabic speakers to strengthen and expand our work.
• Pray for permanent visas for M___ and B___ to stay in the country.
• We hope to see my wife’s dad, following our son’s graduation.
• Pray for continued funding to arrive for our two preaching trips.
• Pray for souls to be won throughout the 10-40 Window.

Gratefully in His service,

Missionary #6505