Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: Family UpdateOur trip to P___ is just over two weeks away! As of this writing, our last remaining snag is approval on one of three travel visas from the U.S.; please pray that God would care for this matter in a timely fashion. God has given us a full schedule of preaching opportunities. One other translator (T___) needs his visa to enter P___ from A___; please pray for God’s blessing on this matter as well.

For a change of pace, I’d like to pivot away from work for this letter and update you on my wife, J___, and A___. God has been so gracious to protect us and prosper us over the last year!

My wife and I have been to several meetings and conferences so far this year. As a teacher at BBA, she has poured her time and love into a handful of special high school students, including our daughter. Recently, she took a tumble in a sporting event and injured her left arm and knee. She has begun to rebound and is recovering nicely. Her dad L___ has Stage 4 lung cancer, yet God has helped him rally multiple times in the last two years. We hope to be able to see him as we travel to New England early next month. It will be a sweet reunion for all of us, but I know it will be extra special for J___.

A___ has grown so much in her walk with God over the last year. She is blessed to have strong friendships with some Godly girls at church and has developed a wonderful singing voice. She feels the Lord is calling her to missions. After she completes her upcoming senior year, she hopes to enter Bible college in the fall of 2025. Please pray for wisdom as she allows God to speak to her about a school.

J___ is 19 years old. He has chosen P___ B___ College for his future and will be entering this fall. Like his sister, he serves in several ministries in his church and is a resourceful young man. As a case in point, our washing machine stopped working. It was under warranty. Repair people kept coming and going, ordering replacement parts that didn’t work. He found a YouTube video showing how to replace the water pump. He flipped the washer over and found a sock jammed up inside the water pump. He removed it, and the washer works fine now. Here’s the thing: he doesn’t know a thing about washers, but he was sick of the problem. He prayed for God’s guidance and learned that day that “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.” (Galatians 5:9)—a fitting principle, because that one nasty sock caused weeks of problems! He did what two repairmen could not accomplish. Hallelujah!

Thank you all for your prayers, your love, and your generosity. Our family has been able to see the goodness of Almighty God poured out through His people (in large part, YOU), and now both children are committed to Bible college. God is still working mightily!

Missionary #6505