Missionary #6013 Prayer Letter: Exciting News!It’s finally my favorite holiday, and we have so much to be thankful for. I have been counting my blessings this Thanksgiving, and want to thank all of you especially who pray for us. I know that we would not be able to serve God in this way without His direct involvement. He has been so good to us, and I know that this is due in large part to your faithful prayers. It is humbling, encouraging, and motivating to know that you are serving where God has placed you and that you pray for our ministry. Please know that we thank the Lord for all of you and pray for your churches and ministries ourselves.

Exciting News

My wife and I are happy to share that we are expecting our third child! R___ is about two months along now, so come June of next year, the adults will be outnumbered in our little family. We are blessed by W___ and B___ and couldn’t be more excited to have another unique human to love and train in service for the Lord.

We are also preparing for our trip to Taiwan in just a few weeks. The kids are getting left in Iowa with R___’s family, and we will be flying out of Chicago the third week of December. We will be gone for about ten days and plan to hit four different cities in Taiwan on our trip. There are six different missionaries/ministries we will visit, so our schedule should be packed for the time we have. We are becoming even more excited, as the reality is setting in that we will be able to move to the field soon. We know this trip will help us determine much of God’s plan for our future.

Prayer Requests

When you pray for our trip to Taiwan, please pray . . .

1. For our health and safety in travel.
2. For God’s leading in whom we might work with and learn from.
3. For answers concerning where we could live, how shopping might be different from China, and what budget we could need for moving into the country.
4. For us to be a blessing to the missionaries we visit.
5. For us to be a blessing to the churches and the Taiwanese people.

If you would, please pray for R___’s health, as it seems this pregnancy is hitting her harder than previous ones. She has had some pretty severe migraines that are presenting as stroke symptoms. There have been times when her eyesight goes blurry or she becomes numb on one side of her body. Her doctor has recommended her to a neurologist to determine if this is something more serious.

Once again, we thank you for caring enough to read our letters and for taking us to theLord in prayer. We are looking forward to sharing some highlights from our trip in our next prayer letter. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

Here for Him,

Missionary #6013