Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter:  Thankful for the Example of Godly Family MembersGreetings! Thank you so much for your prayers over these past few months. God has been very good to us and has kept us safe! We have been in 20 different churches in 8 different states (Michigan, Maryland, West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, South Carolina, and Ohio). Thank you so much for your service to our Saviour, Jesus Christ. We appreciate many of you allowing God to use you through your giving. We would also like to thank the 5 churches that recently took us on for support!

Please pray for China and our team there. I am thankful to have met with Brother K__, who has been in China with his family for over 20 years. We were able to sit down and talk for a couple of hours; it was helpful and very encouraging. Please pray for him, his family, and his son, who is also on deputation.

I thank God for faithful, godly family members whom our children can look up to. While in South Carolina, it was so awesome to see our four-year-old son soul winning and passing out tracts with his 87-year-old GREAT GRANDPA. What a great influence, heritage, and legacy that can be passed down when we stay faithful in our obedience to God.

While soul winning in Lancaster, Ohio, with Brother Joel Desir, a missionary to Haiti, we were able to see several saved. One man named Corey, who was on house arrest, excitedly shared that he had been clean from a particular drug for three months. He was so very ready to receive Christ! Despite his twin boys’ interruptions, he sweetly called on Jesus to save him. I got a call on Sunday from Pastor Manning, letting me know that Corey was able to get permission to come to the church service the following Sunday. I believe that Corey wanted to be baptized, but having an electronic tether seems to have prevented that. Pray that Corey will continue to come to church, stay drug free, and get baptized when he is able.

We thank God for all the great Bible-preaching churches around our nation and the world that are doing their job in their place. Thank you for your faithfulness to Jesus and your commitment to righteousness! Thank you for not changing! We are on the winning side!

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support!

In His service,

Missionary #6011 and Family