Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter: Salvations, Baptisms, and Discipleship LessonsWhat a wonderful time the Lord has given us since our last written prayer letter. It has been great to have our teammate J___ and his family here in K___. They have been a blessing and an encouragement.

While playing and passing out tracts in Linyuan, we met G___ and M___’s family, and they ended up coming to church several times. We ended up inviting them to our home for supper one evening, and they called on Jesus for salvation. Praise the Lord! We have begun a Bible study in our home, and they have attended. Pray for them to continue growing in the Lord.

As we were looking for a used car, we came to A___’s shop. We found out later that he was planning on quitting his job the day before we arrived. He ended up being a saved individual, who had even been Scripturally baptized. That day, we were able to witness to his boss, Mrs. H___ (pronounced “H___”). While she did not choose to believe on Christ that day, A___ was encouraged to be a witness to her and stay on at his job. He agreed to do some discipleship and brought his girlfriend as well. After the second lesson in discipleship, Bro. J___ was able to lead her to Christ. Please pray for both of them to continue growing in Christ.

We took a survey trip to Y___ in the northern part of Taiwan, where I believe the Lord is leading us. We spent about four days there, and it was amazing to see how the Lord led us. We met people and were able to share the Gospel and pass out tracts, nearly 200 at the Friday night market alone. While I was there speaking with a lady named S___, a foreigner was passing by, and I felt I should at least say hello. To make a long story short, C___ grew up in a religious family, but he totally turned away from religion and started researching aliens and all sorts of stuff—but he kept coming back to the Bible. He finally just read the Bible and ended up trusting Christ. We spoke for probably around two hours. While he has lacked good discipleship, it was amazing to hear of his many fundamentalist beliefs. While only on a two-week trip to Taiwan, he hopes to someday come and serve here, sharing the Gospel with the mountain people. He ended up coming down to K___ to attend our Bible study, and I ended up baptizing him in the ocean. We started going through discipleship; we have been able to go through several lessons and have now started online discipleship lessons. Please pray that we can find a good church for him to attend.

I was also able to give the AIT (comparable to U.S. Ambassador) director two tracts, one for her and one for the president. While I may never know if President Tsai of Taiwan actually received it, an attempt has been made.

Praise the Lord! Our third child chose to receive Christ a little while back. He came to me one night and said he wanted to be baptized. On Sunday night, he followed the Lord in baptism.

Thank you for allowing us to make a difference here in Taiwan! You’re the best! Thank you for your faithfulness in your place of service! Please keep us in your prayers!

Believing God,

Missionary #6011 & Family