Mark and Kim Palmani Prayer Letter: Ministering to Police OfficersWe thank the Lord for His wonderful goodness as we continue to serve and pray for the Philippines. It has been seven years since we’ve been back to America, and we had been praying for wisdom about a needed furlough. We have been back in America now since June, and we are praying that God will work in our country during this next year. We do not know the future, but God does, so we trust Him for our tomorrow. Our daughters are both in college now, and we are here to help them with the transition of living in America.

We have traveled to Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana in the months of June, July, and August. We thank the Lord for His mercy, grace, and safety. The work in the Philippines continues as the church goes visiting door to door, soul winning, and reaching out to the community.

Recently, one of our preachers was invited to preach to about 7 police officers. We thank the Lord that many of them heard the Gospel. Our preacher was then invited again to preach in a different location to over 50 police officers. Praise the Lord, many of them heard and received the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray that more souls will be saved because of this ministry.

Mark and Kim Palmani
Your Missionaries to the Philippines