Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  Convert Wins Brother-In-LawSarver1Our first month back in Ghana has been both challenging and full of blessings. By the way, Joy turned five on November 4, and Faith turned one on November 20!


My wife and I were on a date the first Friday after we returned to Ghana. I double-parked our vehicle in the parking lot of the premier hotel in Kumasi. I left Maria in the vehicle while I went into the hotel for a minute to get some cash from the ATM. When I came back, Maria was climbing out, and smoke was pouring out of the vehicle due to an electrical fire. It was a miracle that the fire went out on its own AND that I was able to drive home. As it turns out, the fire was the result of an earlier “repair” where an “electrician” bypassed several of my fuses.

While waiting for the truck to get fixed, I was able to win 5 people to Christ. Included in the 5 were a widow and her 15-year-old son. This lady’s husband attended my Sunday school class before he passed away earlier this year.


Before we left the States, our daughter Faith had a severe ear infection. We praise the Lord that it cleared up before we flew back, but after we arrived in Ghana, her fever returned temporarily. Now we believe it was just from teething. These past four weeks, everyone else in the family has had a fever due to colds and the flu. In Ghana whenever one has a fever, there is a fear of malaria. I spent an hour or so online to figure out what malaria medicines Joy could take that would not interact negatively with her seizure medication. Anytime one of us gets sick, I am reminded that we are serving here by faith. Please pray that God would set a hedge about our family.


Last week I was blessed to spend 15 hours with four of our college men teaching them how to study the Bible. We set out to study the book of Jonah together and only made it through the first chapter. What a joy to see these men digging truth out of Scripture for themselves! Just as God had a heart for Nineveh, I believe He wants every city on earth to be reached with the Gospel. Pray that God sends more labourers into His harvest.


Recently I was praying through the names of converts written at the back of my soul-winner’s New Testament. I came across the name Dixon Gyamfi, a 70-year-old man whom I won to Christ three years ago. Then I realized that this man is the same Dickson Gyamfi who started attending my Sunday school class faithfully just this year! Also, I have been teaching those who arrive early to my Sunday school class about soul winning. One of my converts, Ben Darkwah, reported that he has taken what he learned and won his brother-in-law to Christ. He tells me his brother-in-law is now attending faithfully our church plant in Offinso.

Your servant and His,

Michael Sarver