Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: Concern for a Cousin's SoulI celebrated my 45th birthday on March 3. I told my Sunday school class that the only gift I wanted was for them to be in Sunday school and for them to bring a visitor if they could. I was so pleased with their response! We had 118 in attendance, which included 17 first-time visitors brought by 13 different class members. Amen! Please let me share with you two special soul-winning testimonies.

Charles and Dora

I won Charles to the Lord on a recent Saturday. As I was leaving his house, his 90-plus-year-old aunt Dora stopped me. She told me she wanted me to come back and preach to her. She had been out in the heat all day so did not feel up to listening at the time. I went back the next week; Charles translated for me as I preached the Gospel to Dora. As far as I could tell, she understood and trusted Christ.

Dora’s younger brother J.K. died recently at age 85. For over a year, I had been giving him a ride to our church on Sunday mornings. Our team leader, Pastor Speer, preached J.K.’s funeral; well over 200 were in attendance, and over 20 professed their newfound faith in Christ. Charles, Dora, and about a dozen other family members attended our church the day after the funeral.

Joseph Marfo

On Sunday, March 19, I took prayer requests in my Sunday school class. My class member, John Addo, requested prayer for his cousin, Joseph Marfo, who was in the hospital with cancer. I asked how serious his case was. John said, “Very serious.” I thought to myself, Someone needs to go preach the Gospel to this man!

So, after lunch with my family, I met John, and we went to the local hospital to see his cousin. When we arrived, I met Joseph, his mother, and Joseph’s twin sister Josephine. At only 31 years of age, Joseph was dying with liver cancer. He was pretty much just skin and bones. He had trained to be a doctor, but I found him lying in a hospital bed as the patient. His mother and sister were taking such gentle care of him.

Joseph was alert but could only mumble. I preached to him for nearly an hour, and I believe he understood the Gospel. I prayed with him, and I could hear him uttering the prayer. His sister and mother also prayed.

Early Tuesday morning, I received a text from John that Joseph had passed away in the night. Thank God for the Gospel! I thank God for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and for John’s concern for his cousin.

Prayer Request

Please pray for us as we prepare for our furlough May 16 – July 26. We really want God to use us to be a blessing to folks while we are in the States. Your prayers make a difference!

Your servants and His,

Michael, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben

Charles and his 90+ year old aunt

Charles and his 90+year old aunt