Mark Rader Prayer Letter:  New Baptistery! More Baptisms!This July here in Peru, God has daily loaded us with more blessings than we can share in one letter, but it is still fun to try. This month God has rained on us souls saved, converts baptized, lives changed, more counseling opportunities, more participation from church members, and more soul winning.

One month before our church moved locations back in March, we began the legal process to put up church signs on our building. One of the faithful men of our church did everything in his power to help us; but, unfortunately, it was not good enough. In April, God led me to ask for help from Miguel, a Christian lawyer who attends Pastor Hubbard’s church. Pastor Hubbard, Miguel, and I met together. Miguel then dedicated all of his free time for months to help with this endeavor. He has done all of this work at no charge. Praise the Lord! After one of our visits to the Municipality, we had lunch together. Miguel asked me, “Why did you give your life to God when you could have done so many things?” I then showed him Numbers 18:20 and said, “Because I want to inherit God. Which would you rather have: the world or the Creator of worlds?” He said, “That’s exactly what I want! I also want to give my life to God.” Woo hoo! Amen, Brother! Amen! Our church has grown in spite of us not having a church sign, but we praise God that we are now able to put up church signs.

Another great victory for our church is our brand-new baptistery. Back in April, Abraham Avila’s parents visited us. I was giving Abraham and his dad, Juan Jose, a tour of our new facility. I showed them where we could put a baptistery and shared with them the struggles we had in trying to build one. To my surprise, Bro. Juan Jose said, “I’m a contractor. I’ll build it for you and will not charge you anything.” Thus, we began to build. Bro. Avila’s time was short with us. Before he left, he gave me instructions on how to put up the tile. We now have a beautiful baptistery that does not leak. Thank you, Avila family. Thank you, Dad Rader, for buying our baptistery heater. Our first Sunday with a baptistery, in the winter here, we baptized 6 of our members. Praise God!

More of our church members are now coming during the week for counsel. More are now soul winning as well. Lately my soul-winning partner has been the owner of the church property. He wants to sell the property to us. Please keep this in prayer. Please keep our church in Surco in prayer. Please keep all of our churches here in prayer. Thank you for allowing God to use your faithful sacrifice to make His work possible here. Thank you for your love for the salvation of lost souls. Thank you for your love, support, and prayers for us. God bless you.

With love,

Mark, Sarah, Savannah, Paul, & Samuel Rader