Mark Rader Prayer Letter: Hope in the HospitalOur January and February here in Peru have been sunny and hot; however, the Spirit also has been here in our church. For the past two months, we’ve had visitors and souls saved almost every week in our services, and others have been saved through personal evangelism. New families have joined the church, and more of our members have come in for counseling. We are training new Sunday school teachers, and we are exploring new media ideas for our church.

We’ve been teaching and preaching a lot on the Ten Commandments. We’ve seen an inward struggle in our members to receive clear and direct teaching on morality. In spite of losing a few members over this, many of our people have responded and have grown spiritually. We have spent much time these past two months visiting the homes of our people. My heart has melted over and over as I have heard testimonies of God working in their hearts. One of our ladies said to me, “Pastor, thank you for teaching us not only to love God but also to fear Him. I want to stand before Him with clean hands; I want to live right and share the Gospel more.” Praise God!

We started a weekly Bible study in a hospital. One of our church members had back surgery and is currently a resident at Peru’s National Physical Rehabilitation Center. He will be there for at least two more months. Our visits with him have turned into Bible studies, and others have joined. We invited the soul winners of our church to come and sing. As they sang, one by one more residents joined our meeting, as well as visiting family members. As soon as a crowd had gathered, we gave a short devotional about Doctor Jesus. Then we shared the Gospel, and 7 souls were won to Christ. Glory to God!

Oh, but wait—there’s more! We celebrated Savannah’s eighth birthday and Samuel’s second birthday in January. March 13 is Paul’s fourth birthday. Also, concerning birthdays, we will be adding another birthday to our family calendar this November. Yes, that’s right. We’re expecting our fourth child!

Thank you so much for all you do for our family and ministry here in Peru. God is doing a great work, and we’re honored to be a part of it. Please pray for Sarah’s pregnancy and for our evangelistic plans for this year. Thank you for your love, support, and prayers. God bless you.

In Christ in Peru,

Mark, Sarah, Savannah, Paul, Samuel, and one more Rader