Mark and Sabrina Holmes Prayer Letter: Graduation and TravelsAfter already enjoying a nice holiday break from our kids’ homeschooling and my seminary teaching, we rejoiced to have our oldest son Joseph visit us from the U.S. At both churches in which our family is involved, members were happy to see our whole family together once again. During Joseph’s trip, Providence Baptist College & Seminary had its orientation and welcomed 11 new students, for a total enrollment of 39.

On January 20, the 8th Commencement was held for 19 graduates from Providence Baptist College & Seminary and for 13 who received their diplomas from Temple Baptist Institute. Our total number of those who have passed through ministry training is now nearly 200, and so far, the graduates have started 50 churches. We were honored to have a good friend, Pastor Samuel Akande, preach the graduation charge, a chapel challenge, both Sunday services, and a banquet message for us during the special weekend.

On the first weekend in February, I met Pastor Akande at his place, as he hosted Missionary Evangelist Don Wattenbarger and me for a Pastors’ & Workers’ Conference at Faith Baptist Church in Ogbomoso. This meeting in the southwest region was also a chance for me to fellowship again with national missionary, Pastor David Orus, who has a new church plant in Lagos, the area of our country’s highest population. The trip back to Abuja was challenging, as a return flight from Ilorin was cancelled, and our most reliable alternative was to travel five hours in Faith’s church bus to Lagos and get an evening flight back to Abuja. The next day, I drove with my family for over four hours to Jos, while Missionary Graham Young followed behind us in his vehicle with Bro. Wattenbarger. This Soul-Winning & Leadership Conference, hosted by Zion Independent Baptist Church, was a special time for several of our seminary students to fellowship with seven young men who are training in our extension college, held at Zion, which is a cooperative effort of several independent Baptist Hausa-speaking pastors. Immediately after the conference, my family was able to take advantage of a Missionary Rest Home, located just 45 minutes outside of Jos. Spending three nights at this retreat center, with a rich history and cooler weather, was a great respite after back-to-back Pastors’ Conferences.

For nearly three years, we have enjoyed a partnership with Christian Media International, through which there are now six weekly television programs airing in five different Nigerian languages. In late February, CMI gave me the privilege of reporting on the progress of those programs at their Limits Conference in Alpharetta, Georgia. It was a unique opportunity to get to know some of the businesspersons, pastors, and other ministry leaders whose investments make it possible to broadcast the Gospel in Nigeria.

Believing God,

Mark Holmes
Written 18 March 2024


thumbnail of Truth Baptist Church 2024 ScheduleGreetings from Abuja! Our ministry is pleased to share with you our schedule for this year:

6 Soul-Winning & Leadership Conferences in 2024

**Every church represented will receive a box of Scriptures at each conference!**

This includes the Pastors’ & Workers’ Conference being held 4-7 February at Faith Baptist Church of Ogbomoso with our able host, Pastor Samuel Akande. I am privileged to preach with Missionary Evangelist Don Wattenbarger, Pastor Jide Popoola, and Missionary David Orus, among others. We are thankful for the strength of this meeting!
• 9-11 February 2024 5th Regional Soul-Winning & Leadership Conference in Jos
Venue: Zion Independent Baptist Church in Zarazon Host Pastor: Bro. Ayuba Agwom 0803.665.2070
Guest Preacher: Missionary Evangelist Don Wattenbarger of Bibles Beyond Boundaries
• 1-4 April 2024 15th Annual National Soul-Winning & Leadership Conference
Venue: Truth Baptist Church of Nyanya-Abuja Host Pastor: Missionary Mark Holmes
Guest Preachers: Pastor Ken Shinn & Missionary Evangelist Curtis Hall of BEST Missions
• 7-10 April 2024 5th Regional Soul-Winning & Leadership Conference in Calabar
Venue: Independent Baptist Church of Calabar Host Pastor: Bro. Nicholas Wayih 0706.920.7700
Guest Preachers: Missionary Evangelist Bro. Curtis Hall of BEST Missions and Pastor James Abbey
• 27-30 October 2024 Missions & Leadership Conference in Port Harcourt
Venue: Independent Baptist Church of PHC Host Pastor: Missionary David Maskey 0805.176.9616
Guest Preachers: FBMI Missionary Evangelist Jim Belisle & IWWE Missionary Evangelist Denton Bell
• 3-5 November 2024 7th Revival Meeting & Pastors Fellowship in Ibadan
Venue: Lighthouse Independent Bible Baptist Church Host Pastor: Bro. Gbenga Dada 0803.062.9978
Guest Preachers: FBMI Missionary Evangelist Jim Belisle & IWWE Missionary Evangelist Denton Bell

3 Student Missions Institutes for Training in Evangelism (S.M.I.T.E.) in 2024

Pray for S.M.I.T.E.s also in the countries of Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, and Tanzania.

These camps equip youth to reach children through Bible Clubs, giving opportunities to practice what is taught.
*4-9 August 2024 7th Regional S.M.I.T.E. in Ogbomoso
Venue: Berean Baptist Church of Ogbomoso Host Pastor: Bro. Timothy Adesina 090.6997.5944
*18-23 August 2024 13th Annual National S.M.I.T.E. in Abuja
Venue: Truth Baptist Church of Nyanya-Abuja Host Pastor: Missionary Mark Holmes
*25-30 August 2024 S.M.I.T.E. Port Harcourt
Venue: Independent Baptist Church of PHC Host Pastor: Missionary David Maskey

Please visit our website,, and click the “Conference” or “Youth Camp” page for much more information.

Believing GOD,

Missionary Mark Holmes