Keith and Theresa Baker Prayer Letter:  Second Christmas Here!Having set aside the compression boot and crutches this fall, I am nearly back to my usual duties. It is good to move about the island of Abaco, though prudently. My foot does not ache, but the terrain is rough-hewn.

Starting the ministry 11 months ago, this will be our second Christmas here. Last December, we had an attendance of 15 people and were only able to have limited church festivities. Since we had 57 in attendance recently, this Christmas will be different than last year. Like your holiday season, we have additional things planned. We are preparing a young people’s pageant, a ladies’ brunch, a special fellowship and gift exchange for our teens, along with other holiday functions projected. Theresa is doing well; much of December’s activity preparations will be her responsibility.

Naturally, the enemy is not pleased with our church growth. As was the case in Haiti, many parents push back when their children talk to them about the need of receiving Christ or being baptized. “They are not old enough to understand” is a common household saying. The truth is that it is a great insult in the heart of most parents that they themselves must become as “little children” to enter into the kingdom of Heaven.

Recently, I was privileged to lead one of these “little children,” Amarian, to the Lord after our regular teen service. He did not return last week. I pray his family is not balking at his decision.

We have much to be thankful for, as we were not hampered this past hurricane season. If you are a storm chaser, I challenge you to look up the destruction Dorian did to this area in 2019.

We thank God for what you did for us in 2023. We pray that you will have a very blessed Christmastime with family and friends.


Keith and Theresa Baker