Jonathan Beil Prayer Letter: Our Support Continues to GrowThe new year has brought many blessings and a few prayer requests. I would like, first and foremost, to thank each of you who have prayed for us these past few months. We traveled many miles, and the Lord brought us safely to each meeting. I am so thankful for the many people we have met thus far during our six months of travel and the many I know who pray for us.

Every month our support continues to grow. We’ve presented in dozens of churches these first six months and are very thankful for each one’s blessing toward our ministry. Knowing our support would start to come in slowly, I have yet to report what percent we are at. I can thankfully say that we have 25% coming in and a total of 45% promised. Please pray with us that all of our promised support will start to come in.

At the beginning of January, I had the opportunity to present our ministry at Pacific Baptist Church in Long Beach, California, on a Thursday night. I have known this church for many years now, since my home church is not far from it. After presenting our burden for Thailand, I was invited back to speak in chapel at their college. It was a great blessing to see friends serving the Lord there. Before leaving California, we were able to visit a few more churches, and of those, two have started supporting us already.

February has been a little slower than the previous months, due to having only one missions conference, but on the first Sunday of the month, we were able to visit two great churches. We loved our time with Pastor Crane and Pastor Foote that Sunday and enjoyed preaching and presenting our burden for the people of Thailand. Praise the Lord that both churches voted to partner with us! The next weekend we traveled to Texas to be with Pastor Hunter Kidwell, who is originally from my wife’s home church in West Virginia. The church he pastors is less than two years old and is reaching people and families with the Gospel Light (also the name of their church). We were able to visit several apartment buildings together, and the Lord did a great work. A sweet lady named Cecelia listened intently, even though it was cold and windy outside, and called on Jesus to save her! A few doors later, we knocked on Stephon’s door. He said he was looking for a church and would like to attend. Praise the Lord! He was at church the next morning! Pray that the Lord would continue to bless this young church.

Thank you for all the love, prayer, and support. Our desire is not only to spread the Gospel but to be a worthy return on your investment.

In His service,

Jonathan Beil