Jonathan and Brittany Beil Prayer Letter: A Busy, But Profitable, Two Monthsสวัสดีครับทุกคน (“Hello everyone!”) I pray that this update finds you and your church well. God continues to strengthen us and bless us in ways that can only come from Him! It’s a privilege to serve Him in Thailand, and we are grateful for the part that you all have in it as well.

These past two months have been busy, but profitable. Sometimes it seems like yesterday that we first arrived in Thailand not knowing the language and the culture. It’s amazing to see the progress in our speaking ability compared to our first year on the field, though it’s been slow going at times. Since our recent move, we wanted to step out and put some of our Thai to use by getting to know our neighbors a little better. We decided that the American holiday of July 4th would be a good opportunity to invite our new neighbors and Thai friends to our home. We decorated our house with patriotic decorations, prepared a barbecue, and hosted around 20 Thai neighbors. It was a great blessing to host them in our home, get to know them, and practice our Thai with them. During the fellowship time, I was able to speak with several of the men about why we are in Thailand and about the reason we go to church. Before everyone returned home, we also gave them a short book in Thai about the hope we have in the Gospel and how Jesus can save them. It was a great time together. Please pray with us that our neighbors come to accept Christ personally.

We have continued to stay busy with our daily Thai classes and regular Gospel outreach. Once a month, I have also had the opportunity to go out visiting with another church in greater Bangkok, which is pastored by a Japanese missionary. He has faithfully served God here for several decades. We are thankful to plant the seed of the Gospel and pray that we will see God bring in the fruit. I have also had the opportunity to preach two more times at Grace Baptist Church. Each time, I gain a little more confidence in speaking Thai. Without the help of God, this would not be possible. The church was also able to baptize four new converts this past month. It is always great to see new believers turning from Buddhism to Christ and identifying with Him!

At the end of August, we were able to fill in for Missionary Eddie Arold, who had to take a short trip to the States. On that Saturday, we drove over to help with the children’s church services, and on Sunday, I was able to return and preach at the main church and also preach at a newer church plant in the afternoon. We are thankful that during this season of language school in Bangkok, the Lord has given us opportunities to help and learn from other Gospel-preaching ministries in this megacity.

There is much to do these remaining few months of the year in areas of learning, growing, witnessing, and discipling. Continue to pray for the people of Thailand to be saved and that God would bless our Thai language learning so that we will be able to better preach the Gospel in the heart language of Thailand! Thank you all, and God bless!

In His service,

Jonathan, Brittany, Judah, and Archer Beil