Jon and Brittany Beil Prayer Letter:  Over Halfway There!My wife and I want to thank you all for your continued prayer and support. We realize that if it weren’t for the sacrifices you all make, we would not be able to share the Gospel in Thailand. The first Sunday of September marks one year since our first meeting of deputation! We have been to so many wonderful churches and conferences the last 12 months, and the Lord has allowed us to raise just over half of our support already! God continues to take care of our every need time and time again, and these past two months have been no different. Every church we have visited has been a blessing and an encouragement to us, and we pray that we were able to be a blessing in return.

In between our July meetings, we were able to be a part of Missions University, a week of training that our missions agency FBMI puts on for the missionaries. It was a great week of learning and listening to experiences of other veteran missionaries. In August, we began the start of this coming “missions conference season” with the first of 14 conferences that we will be in for the rest of the year. We were also able to revisit one of our first supporting churches and enjoy time fellowshipping and soul winning together. We ended the month in a great way with a conference that not only pledged to take us on for support, but actually sent us off with our first support check in addition to a huge love offering! What a blessing!

A few weeks back, we were in between churches in Indiana visiting my wife’s grandma. We were getting ready for our next big trip of three months and were needing two new tires. A college friend of mine recommended a place I could get some tires for a good price. Even though the shop was a little out of the way, I drove out there anyway. When I got there, the manager gave me a great price on two new tires, and he threw in a tire-pressure gauge for free. When it came time to pay, he told me that my friend from college wanted to take care of one of the tires. Praise the Lord! I ended up only paying $100 for a job that would normally cost triple the price. God is good!

Lastly, I wanted to share another blessing from our survey trip. While we were in Thailand in June, my friend Matt Bosje and I were out witnessing when we came to a little shop/restaurant. We talked to the lady running the business, and she said that she was a Christian and that she wanted her two sons, Bawn and Bai, to attend church. She promised they would be ready on Sunday; and, sure enough, both boys were dressed in their nicest clothes and came to church for the first time that week. While at church, they trusted Christ as their Saviour! The next week, a teenaged relative came with them too. We were so happy that the Lord allowed us to have a part in reaching these boys. I received news when we were back in America that they have yet to miss a week of church and that they got baptized too! We are praying that their mother will be able to get off work and come to church as well.

Thank you all for what you do for us and our Saviour. Please pray for us, as we have a very busy schedule the rest of the year, and pray that the Lord will direct us to the right churches in 2019.

In His service,

Jon & Brittany Beil