John Hays Prayer Letter: God's Blessings Are Worth Reading About!The year 2022 has seen much outreach into over 2,000 villages around the world, reaching many thousands of people with Jesus and the Living Water, while giving them treated and safe drinking water. There is a change in leadership to keep everything going on as it has been since the ministry was started 18 years ago.

This is a time to rejoice. God has blessed the fruit of our labors, which are worth reading about. One such testimony is as follows:

Pastor Isaac says, “GOOD NEWS! She is called Ruth Tchala, and she has been married to her husband Raman since 2018. Since then, this couple has not been able to have children. They had done all that they could to have children, but there was no solution. They consulted different doctors and hospitals—but nothing. They were counseled to take traditional herbs for infections and other diseases, but there was still no solution. I met them last year and gave them one Pure Water machine. I advised them to use it every day and to use it for whatever they needed water for (drinking, bathing, washing clothes, etc.). After wasting a lot of money and time, I am so happy to say that yesterday, Ruth called me to tell me that she was pregnant—two months along. She told me that she wasn’t taking any kinds of medications anymore because they had spent a lot of money on them and nothing had worked. They just use their Pure Water machine, using the purified water for bathing and drinking water for all the family. Please pray for Ruth and the baby in her womb.”

This January, 500 Pure Water systems will be shipped to Pastor Ted Speer in Ghana, and another 500 will be sent to Pastor George Menyon in Liberia. Pray that thousands of souls will accept Jesus and that countless people will get clean drinking water.

I’m honored to be continuing on as an FBMI missionary. All funds I receive are going directly to the Pure Water for All ministry. I will continue going on deputation and missions trips. The only change is that Bro. David Boyce has taken over the leadership of the ministry.

I’m very excited to see what the Lord will do in this new year.

His water boy,

John Hays

FBMI Missionary John Hays Prayer Letter Picture

An answer to prayer, Mrs. Ruth Tchala is finally expecting her first child after receiving a “Pure Water” system.