John Hays Prayer Letter: A Change in LeadershipThis January 1, 2023, I am pleased to announce that Pure Water for All will have a new director, Brother David Boyce of First Baptist Church of Hammond. Brother David and his wife Stephanie will continue this water ministry the same as it has been run in the past. God showed me it was time to hand the baton over to the younger generation. I will continue co-laboring in the water ministry Stateside and overseas, as the Lord Jesus directs. All donations will continue to send water-treatment systems around the world.

God is good! Over the past several days, 20 water-treatment systems are being installed in India, 56 more are being shipped out to native missionaries, 1 to Mexico, and 55 to Uganda. Souls have been trusting Christ in India from a previous order.

A testimony of salvation and improved health from Pastor Caleb Mvita (pictured on the right) is below:

Greetings Dear Brother John Hays,

Hope you are doing well, Sir. I just want to share with you this little testimony and thanksgiving from a group of people from a church in one of village called N’sele Antenna here in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

(I visited these people last year and gave them Pure Water for All systems to use for their healthcare and for some sickness solutions. Out of that, we shared God’s Word, and then I left them. Last week, I received a call phone from their pastor, Pastor Caleb Mvita, thanking God for the Pure Water for All systems and testifying how these machines had helped them so much in a way that even they, nor I, could have imagined.)

Pastor Mvita continues . . .

1. My wife Hortance had a sickness on her left leg. Just one day, my wife woke up and saw something coming up on her leg. After scratching it, her leg started swelling, and after two days, her leg became so big to the level that she couldn’t walk, neither could she sleep because the pain was too much. I took my wife to the hospital, but there was no solution. We used local herbs according to other people, but there was no healing at all. So, we just started using the purified water by the Pure Water for All system three times a day (in the morning, at noon, and in the evening before we went to sleep). After just a few days, the swelling in her leg started to come down, the pain reduced, and, as of the writing of this letter, MY WIFE IS HEALED COMPLETELY. SHE CAN WALK, DO EVERYTHING NORMALLY, AND SLEEP WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS. PRAISE GOD!

2. Most of the people in the village, those who use the purified water, are testifying how these machines have really helped them in regards to their health conditions. They have noticed that a lot of sicknesses they used to fall into, today they are no longer getting those sicknesses.
3. These machines have also been great tools in my hands for the giving the Gospel and the winning of lost souls. A lot of people are coming and seeking to meet me for pure water, and out of these meetings, I share the good news of the Cross of Christ and the saving grace of God for their lives. As results, the number of our church members has increased amazingly. We used to meet with about 15 – 20 people for about 4 years, but today, we have 80 – 100 church members after just about 8 months. Other people are coming from other villages to praise God with us. PRAISE GOD!

4. Our hearts are filled with joy and praise to God, thanking God for you, dear Brother John Hays, all the donors, and all the team staff who are working to make this ministry complete its purposes before God. God bless you all. Amen.

I sent him 15 more machines, as Pastor Mvita requested that we keep helping them out. The machines were received with openness of hearts and much joy. I plan to revisit them soon, by God’s leading.

My hope is that you can share in the fruits of God’s hand.

His water boy,

John Hays

FBMI Missionary John Hays Prayer Letter Picture

Pastor Caleb Mvita