James and Linda Belisle Prayer Letter: Rejoicing in 2022! Opportunities in 2023!2022

I praise the Lord for giving me the strength to minister in five different countries last year.

Nigeria: I was able to go to Nigeria twice, where I was able to preach in four Soul-Winning and Leadership Conferences in four different cities hosted by four different churches. I was able to preach in six different churches during my time in Nigeria. God also gave me the opportunity to preach in a school.

Poland and Ireland: A group of us men were able to go to these two countries with the purpose of encouraging the missionaries in two cities. These are men and their families who have been faithful in trying to reach these highly Catholic areas with the Gospel.

Guatemala: This was a very successful trip that I mentioned near the end of 2022. I was able to preach the Gospel to over 500 soldiers on 4 bases. I was able to participate with other preachers in a revival at a relatively new church. I just found out that the church is now running around 50 to 60 people in the weekly services. Many got saved on this trip, praise the Lord!

Argentina: After three years of restrictions, I was finally able to get back to Argentina in September of 2022. I was able to preach in multiple churches and teach in the Bible college.

USA: God gave me opportunities to preach/teach in Iowa (multiple times), Indiana (multiple times), Nebraska, and North Carolina. I was also able to attend conferences in Indiana and California and visit friends and relatives in Michigan, Missouri, and Virginia. God was so good to protect us and give us safety as we traveled thousands of miles on the roads of America.


Already God has blessed us with meetings here in the USA and overseas. In January, Linda and I were able to go to Arizona so I could preach at a church in the Phoenix area. While there, we were able to take a couple of days to visit the Grand Canyon. There is a reason it is called the GRAND Canyon. Words cannot describe it. In February, I was back in Nigeria preaching in two different cities, once again in Soul-Winning and Leadership Conferences. In March, I will be in multiple meetings in Indiana and Wisconsin.

I would appreciate your prayers for the overseas meetings I have lined up for this year. I am scheduled to be in Mexico (April); Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras (May); Canada (June); Argentina (September); and then back to Nigeria (October/November). I will be filling the pulpit for some pastors, as well as preaching in conferences. Your prayers, I am sure, are a big part of keeping me on the road for Him, so please continue to pray. Thank you for your love, prayers, and support.

Your servant,

Missionary Evangelist James Belisle