Zach and Karin Foust Sr. Prayer Letter: Exciting Times Here in Peru!Thank you for your constant prayers. We believe that the work of the missionary depends on the faithful prayer support of God’s people! Much has happened since our last prayer letter, so we are thankful for the opportunity to update you on what God is doing here in Peru.

The months of June and July are exciting times in the calendar of our church in San Gabriel. These are the months that we have our attendance campaign and have several big days, including Goldfish Sunday, Father’s Day Soccer Tournament and Pork Chop Meal, and our annual Peruvian Independence Day celebration, where we feast on foods from the three regions of Peru—the Coastal, Mountain, and Jungle Regions. On each of these big days, and the other Sundays as well, we had many adult visitors in the services! Many people were baptized, and new families were added to the church. Please pray with us as we work to disciple and follow up on these precious souls.

The church was able to start new Bible studies, and we have also seen new families getting involved because of the Bible studies held in different areas around the church. The Lord is really blessing these studies, and we look forward to starting more in the coming months.

In the month of July, Team Peru held three different training conferences in different parts of Peru. We traveled to a place called Las Vegas, which is in the mountains near Piura in the north of Peru. What a wonderful group of people live in this remote area. Several churches came to the event. Our team taught on soul winning, discipleship, baptism, and church organization; and we held preaching services at night. Many were saved as we took the people out soul winning, and several were baptized. God really worked, and we are so thankful for those who prayed. The very next week, we went to the jungle city of Pucallpa, where we held a similar training conference. Many were saved and encouraged. We also held a training conference in our own church in San Gabriel in Lima. These conferences are meant to be an encouragement and help to national pastors. We help them train their leaders and leave them with materials. We stay in contact with them, and many have become our dear friends. God is working in Peru, and it is a blessing to get to be a part of it!

We are empty nesters! Logan is settling in at Bible college. Please be in prayer for him as he pursues God’s will for his life. Also, please pray for our son Caleb, who will be entering the ministry at the end of August. He will be working as a youth pastor and a Spanish pastor in Elkton, South Dakota. If you would like to be an encouragement to CJ, please send us a message, and we will get you his contact information. Also, please pray for Zach and Cassandra, who are at about 70 percent of their needed support to return to Peru as missionaries. We can’t wait for them to arrive; they are very needed in the ministry here in Lima. We are very blessed with great kids, and we thank God for them!

We begin another semester of the Bible institute on September 12! Prayers for this important ministry would be appreciated! September 6-9, we are planning for our annual Pastors’ School. Please pray!! Our theme is “To the Ends of the Earth.” We are fasting and praying that God will do great things! Please pray!

Thank you!

Zach and Karin Foust