Larry Johns Prayer Letter:  Doors Closed and Doors Opened?Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support. Since our last reporting period, we have seen 33 offenders put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour. In addition, we have baptized another 4. We have applied to two additional prisons in Ohio to secure the proper credentials to preach there. One of them is Ohio Intake at the Lorain Correctional Institution near Cleveland, Ohio, which will hopefully take the place of the services lost at Michigan Intake in Jackson, Michigan. The other is at the Toledo Correctional Institution, which is the closest Ohio prison to us in Adrian, Michigan. Also, we recently secured our annual baptism service at the Central Michigan Correctional Facility in St. Louis, Michigan, which is to be conducted on Good Friday, April 14, 2017. We are trusting in Acts 5:19, “But the angel of the Lord . . . opened the prison doors . . . .”

Some of our continued prayer requests include:

1. Complete healing for my broken right wrist bone.
2. Favor of the two prison administrators to allow us access to preach.
3. Additional finances for the 150-mile trip to Cleveland, Ohio.
4. A lady to assist Carol in the women’s jail and prison.
5. The Lord’s power and boldness as we continue to propagate the Gospel.

Now I will include some excerpts from letters we received from offenders:

Mike writes, “I am saved as of November. Pray that I can decipher between Jesus’ words and regular words. Thank you so much for coming to our prison.” Hobbs requests, “Keep me in your prayers. If you can, will you send me some spiritual, uplifting Bible verses?” Phillip says, “Thank you for your Bible studies. I greatly appreciate them.” Finally, Joseph says, “I am looking for spiritual guidance. I hope to hear from you again soon.”

We need to continue to bring the bread of life to these offenders who appear to hunger and thirst after the Word of God.

In His service,

Larry and Carol Johns

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