Dave Solt Prayer Letter:  Forward ProgressForward Progress

How great it is to report that 83 souls have been saved so far this year! However, we are realizing more and more how much we are needed here. Not only are we working to improve our church facility, but more importantly, we are helping our people to understand our local Baptist church position. Perhaps because of this, some people may have chosen to stop attending our church, but the many who have stayed are strengthened. It’s not always easy to teach these principles, but we are definitely moving forward. Your continued prayers are needed and appreciated as we press forward in the work of building a cohesive unit of well-grounded church members.

Have a Wonderful Christmas

As our year comes to a close, it will be a blessing to be together as a family to rejoice in the birth of our Lord. Daniel flies home on the 19th from Hyles–Anderson College. He has done well in his studies and ministry, and he has proven he can work hard on the job. Sending him to college was a change in our lives, but it is a positive change. It’s exciting to think that our son is busy in God’s work of soul winning and discipleship! We hope that your Christmas is a time of togetherness and true joy as we remember the true meaning of the holidays.

The Need in England

Being a missionary to England isn’t easy. There are some who do not believe that the people here are reachable. We have faced this criticism for over two decades and share this rebuff with our fellow missionaries today. While we have seen a large number of American missionaries leave the UK, it’s also true that there are not many new missionaries to England coming over. The British government is constantly creating more red tape to stand in the way of new missionaries. Today the government requires all new missionaries to be sponsored by a government-approved church. These pastors have to monitor the missionaries every day for four years. Failing to do so could mean a fine of £5,000 (US$7,500), and it might even mean time in jail subject to the severity. Next year the government is requiring all new missionaries to provide their own healthcare. We know of a family who is trying to get over here but needs to raise $16,000 in order for the government to process their visas.

We have been in this country since 1996; and, thankfully, we have no need of this paperwork because we have had residency since the year 2000. However, we do need to continue to receive financial help as we face our future in this nation. I assure you that we will continue our soul winning, combined with our loving understanding of the culture and the people to whom we minister. Thank you for your continued prayer and support! We truly love the people of England and want to encourage those who have upheld the faith here for so very long.

Prayer Requests

Mary Beth and Daniel were able to spend Thanksgiving in Florida with her mom and step-daddy. It is a difficult situation to be a great distance from a parent suffering long-term illness. Each day is precious, and the emotion of parting is always intense. Please do pray for grace and strength for Nyna and Carl Kaminer.

Please be sure to use our newest address in the months to come.

New Field Address:

18 Clifton Green
Preston, Lancs.
United Kingdom

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth, Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy