Daniel and Megan Gonzalez Prayer Letter: One Year of Deputation Finished!We are so thankful for all of the opportunities we’ve had to meet new folks and see God working in so many churches. We just finished one year of deputation. We look back on the year, and it was filled with so many blessings and needs met by the Lord. Thank you to the many wonderful people who allow the Lord to use them to be a blessing to us and many other missionaries.

We were able to attend a Bible Club on a Saturday afternoon with Marion Avenue Baptist Church. I was able to present the Gospel, and at least 4 people raised their hands saying they had received Christ as their Saviour.

Our son Lionel loves people and loves to tell others about Jesus. Luca follows along with him. Lionel has continued his drive-through ministry and has been giving out tracts. We are so proud of our boys and thankful that we are able to serve as a family. Luca will be turning two in just a week—he’ll already be two by the time you read this letter. He was only seven to eight months old when we started deputation.

I also got to lead Yareli to the Lord on a Spanish bus route in Santa Clara, California. She seemed interested in coming to church, so I was able to connect her with the bus captain in that area. Pray that she can start attending church!

We do have a busy fall schedule, and we are excited to meet God’s people. Thank you so much for your support in prayer. I believe Jesus is coming back soon, and there is no time to waste.

For His glory,

Daniel Gonzalez