Dan and Lana Siemer Prayer Letter:  God Is WorthyPsalm 102 is so helpful, reminding us that our just and holy God is aware of our needs, eager to hear our prayers, and trustworthy to answer rightly. He is worthy of all honor and praise.

In our family, we’ve seen Him work in the midst of heartache. My father has been hospitalized two times since the last letter, and even now he’s awaiting some necessary surgery. Words are inadequate to express the debt owed to my parents and to him especially for his leadership and spiritual stability. God providentially orchestrated events so that when his biggest crisis arose, I was serving only a day’s drive away. It was a joy to be of some help. Lana is there now, in her capacity as a home-health nurse, to help him recover and prepare for the next step.

Regarding the planning for our June Peru trip, Bro. Rader, the main host missionary, graduated to Heaven as the intense trip preparations were beginning. Then Bro. Foust, the missionary who stepped up to assume leadership, experienced the Home-going of his father. Obviously, there was some uncertainty about the Lord’s will. But He reaffirmed the vital purposes and potential of this outreach into the Amazon headwaters region of Peru, so the work of planning and preparing has gone forward despite the difficulties. God has been so faithful, and we know He’s in charge of the future.

And our regular work continues without interruption. There’s been a regular stream of opportunities to provide medical counsel for missionaries and others. This week, we’ll be having the final exam for my class at Hyles-Anderson College. In another three weeks, my evening Bible institute class will finish. And we’re planning July’s Missions Week when we’ll have our annual Candidate School for about ten new missionary candidate families. God’s blessing those on deputation; in the last few months, three families have left for the field, and one more is soon to follow.

Finally, the Lord is blessing our soul-winning efforts. On a recent Saturday, we spent extra time visiting three streets without seeing anyone saved. On the way back to the car, we encountered a Spanish-speaking man doing lawn work. He told me that he’d been praying regularly for his new sins to be forgiven each day. When he heard and believed the Gospel, understanding the finished work of the Lord Jesus on the Cross for sins of the past, present, and future, he joyfully received Christ as his Saviour.

Please pray for the following needs: (1) my father’s health and upcoming surgery, (2) the Peru trip plans and preparation, and (3) a Guatemala trip that will follow.

That all might hear, everywhere,

Dan and Lana Siemer