Dan and Gerri Johnson Prayer Letter: Back in Brazil!We went to the States in December for a grandson’s wedding in Texas. The first few weeks were great.

Then it hit. I had my fifth kidney-stone episode! The pain was not as excruciating as my last one eleven years ago, but it was much more drawn out, lasting about three weeks from the first procedure to the last one. The stones are all out now, and I have recovered from the flu, which I got during my kidney-stone episode. We are excited to be back in Brazil!

We arrived in Brazil just in time for our church’s Carnival (Mardi Gras) Camp, a time to get our people away from the sinful activities of Carnival and give them some fun and spiritual activities. We had about 75 campers. As well as the fun activities, the preaching was a great spiritual blessing.

We are excited that we will be having our first ordination for Jonata, one of our graduates. He has been helping a fellow missionary family in their church and will be taking care of the work during their furlough later this year.

Dan & Gerri Johnson