Brian Hebert Prayer Letter:  New Territory TraveledNow that things have slowed down a bit, I can relay to you the blessings of last month! We began June in Hammond, Indiana, at FBMI’s annual Candidate School and annual gathering. Bro. Mark Bosje is our new missions pastor in charge of FBMI, and I must say that the changes made to the format of this year’s meeting made the 2015 Candidate School our favorite one yet. I look forward to many years with Bro. Bosje as a partner, ally, and friend in the ministry of world missions. Because we were in the area, we got to return to a favorite place of ours, Lakeshore Baptist Church in Miller, Indiana. I was happy to update our praying friends and to relay my testimony. I also had the privilege that evening to present our work at the First Baptist Church of Sauk Village, Illinois. Pastor Lee and his wife have now spoiled us twice, and we greatly enjoyed our time there.

Liz and I then headed to West Virginia for a couple meetings in Vienna and Ravenswood. First, I presented and preached in Vienna, West Virginia, for Pastor Scott Kapple at the Faith Baptist Church. We were in both services on Sunday, and it provided us an opportunity to see Pastor Kapple’s heart for his church and the people of Vienna. This made me long for the day when we get to settle down in Canada to reach and love the people to which God is sending us. The next service on Wednesday, I presented our ministry to Pastor Richard Parsons and the folks of the Second Baptist Church of Ravenswood, West Virginia. They kindly let us stay in their wonderful prophet’s chamber for a week. Praise God for people who have these; we have saved many hundreds of dollars because of folks like these who go through the trouble of maintaining one.

In the last full week of June, we headed into the New England area for our last three meetings of the month. Going through entirely new country to us, we headed into New Hampshire for a meeting at Berean Baptist Church in Newport with Pastor Barbour. After going soul winning there, I have a new respect for pastors and church planters in this area; it’s not easy, to say the least! We, nevertheless, had a great meeting. Next, we headed to Salamanca, New York, to present and preach for Pastor Ed Darling at Center Street Baptist Church. They also had a lovely prophet’s chamber that we holed up in for a while. To finish out the month, we headed to Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, for a meeting at Turnpike Baptist Church with Pastor Jeff Feeser. I got to go out soul winning with Pastor Feeser and one of the men during the week and got the chance to witness to 3 teenage boys, but the “leader” eventually asked us to leave when he was noticeably agitated about our conversation. The other 2 looked like they were listening with more attention, but once the guy shot us down, we lost the conversation altogether. Pray that these young men will consider what Christ did for them on the cross and accept Him before it’s too late. We did some serious traveling this month, but we believe we had some great meetings and gained many new friends and prayer partners.

Thanks to Calvary,

Brian Hebert