Brandon and Ali Heselschwerdt Prayer Letter: Things Are Picking Up Here in Kenya!Things are really starting to pick up here in Kenya, and it’s been exciting to see what God is doing now and what He will do for us in the near future! This month, I had the blessing of flying to Turkey with my team leader, Peter Morris, to join several other missionaries from all around the world. To say that I was encouraged and greatly blessed through this weeklong conference would be a great understatement. There were many things that both Peter and I were able to take away from the conference and have already put into motion here in Kenya to help with our ministries and the Lord’s work! A big thanks to FBMI for the Missions Mastermind conference!

While in Turkey the first night, Peter and I walked down to the local diner and enjoyed some Turkish coffee! While in the diner, we noticed that the waitress looked African, so I just kindly asked her if she was from Turkey. She replied, “No.” I then asked her where she was from, and it turned out that she was from Kenya. We were able to get her contact information and follow up with her. Praise the Lord, after going through the Gospel with her, she came to put her faith alone in Christ! Even in Turkey, God blessed us with reaching someone from Kenya! Then on our way home from the airport when returning from Turkey, Peter was able to witness to the Uber driver and lead him to Christ. Please pray for both Heldih and Daniel, as they are now new creatures in Christ!

PPTA is also moving forward, with about a dozen pastors growing in their walk with Christ through this program that Brother Morris has put together. Every month is a new blessing, with seeing their growth each month and hearing their testimonies of what God is doing through their churches!

The little Bible study out of our home in Acacia, Kitengela, is moving along as well. We did just make the shift from Sunday afternoons to Sunday mornings. We have lost a few people and are a little smaller than what we were, but God is strengthening this little faithful group. It has encouraged our souls to witness their growth in Christ and their confidence in the Word of God.

Please continue to pray that God will show us a more permanent place to be able to meet as a church in our area. Since the Teen Conference, we now have started a teen class, which meets every Saturday. It has been fun getting to know them more and to see their excitement for God’s Word. Poline, one of our teens, had her dad come to one of our Sunday morning services. He shared with me that he had been wanting to come because of the change he has seen in his daughter and her growth in the Word but was unable to do so because of our Bible studies being in the afternoons previously. Glory to God! After we and went through the Bible together, Henry came to put his trust in Christ alone!

The work here sometimes seems slow, but God is working and moving in the hearts of many! By God’s help, we will keep moving forward for the cause of Christ and look forward to what He does in His timing and will! Amen!

Your co-laborers for lost souls across East Africa,

Brandon, Ali, Jeffrey, Hannah, and Esther
Romans 10:14