Brandon and Ali Heselschwerdt Prayer Letter: One by One, God Is BuildingThe month of February kicked off with Peter Morris’ PPTA training. We were blessed to see several pastors back this month for training, as well as several new ones! Unfortunately, I was not personally able to help due to being extremely ill. Praise the Lord, I am doing much better now and back to my daily routine. Please pray for the pastors of the PPTA training, as one of them was diagnosed with a bad case of malaria. He was in bad shape, but after some medical treatment, he is doing much better.

This month also marked Lewis’ first time taking the lead role in soul winning! We met up in the morning at a good location in Nairobi and prayed together, and then we went walking about the area to find those we could talk with one on one. After nearly an hour of everyone telling us no, because they were heading to either work or school, Lewis finally got an older lady named Susan to let us talk with her. After about an hour of going through the Gospel with her in Swahili, Lewis was able to see his first convert make a decision for Christ!

We also had the opportunity to talk with a young lady named Lucy. Lewis did a great job of going through the entire Gospel with her but was not sure what else to say to this young lady because she was stuck on the fact that if she sinned again, she would go to the Lake of Fire. I jumped in at that point and covered some more verses and gave some illustrations to help her clearly see the truth. Praise the Lord, she, too, made a decision for Christ!

Afterwards, Lewis and I discussed the two conversations we’d had that day, and he was excited to keep trying and to keep learning so that he would be more confident the next time! Keep praying as Lewis continues to grow in his boldness to tell others about Jesus Christ and the gift of eternal life.

Acacia Bible Study is faithfully moving forward! We are still averaging about four or five people right now, but we trust God is helping us to build one-on-one relationships with those from our area. We praise God that we have seen another young woman put her trust in Christ alone. After doing so, God used that moment for us to show how much we truly care about her, and she began to open up to Ali and me. Since then, she and Ali have been meeting together for prayer and discipleship each week. I have been meeting with a young man from our Bible study throughout the week for discipleship as well. Both individuals are showing a desire for the truth of God’s Word and have been growing in their new walk with the Lord! Please continue to pray that God will build this Bible study one soul at a time!

Lastly, we have been helping out on Sunday mornings at Faith Baptist Church of Lavington. This is a new church plant by one of our team members, and we are thankful to be a part of this new beginning. This month as a church, they had their Missions-Emphasis Month and had several great messages on missions. I was asked to close out the month with the last message, and I trust that God will use it for His glory. Ali has also had some great opportunities with teaching the children in the children’s class.

As always, thank you so much for your faithfulness in prayers and support. God bless you.

Your co-laborers for lost souls across East Africa,

Brandon, Ali, Jeffrey, Hannah, and Esther
Romans 10:14