Eddie and Sindy Arold Prayer Letter: Rainy Season in the Golden TriangleThank you for your continued prayers. I have attached a report from John on the Burmese border. We will be going to Buriram on September 30 for a special service, where 200-plus people are expected to attend.

Chan is doing an amazing job in Cambodia. Every day, Chan goes into a public school and disciples the kids who have gotten saved. What an amazing ministry this is! I like to think of it as a small Bible college.

Chatchai and the First Baptist Church of Sam Khok are doing amazing! The anniversary is September 24, and we are very excited about that day!

You can see one video of the school at https://www.facebook.com/100022390027100/videos/1719584285211389/.

May God bless you richly!

Eddie Arold


Eddie and Sindy Arold Prayer Letter: Rainy Season in the Golden TriangleThis month of August, my first year here at Mae Sai, Thailand, and Tachileik, Myanmar, the border city between Thailand and Myanmar, I have just learned the experience of heavy rainstorm in this area by myself. In Mae-Sai City (Thailand side), most of the roads are in very good condition and comfortable to travel around on, but crossing to the other side in Tachileik, Myanmar, the condition of the roads is severely bad. There is flooding all around in the city area again and again, and it is almost impossible to go to the villages in the deep jungle where we were able to reach just last month. So this month, I stayed mostly here in Mae-Sai City and also in downtown Tachileik, near the border bridge.

This month, we went around handing out Gospel tracts and saw people get saved. We again started what we used to do months ago. We have a small chapel in my home in Mae-Sai City, where I also intend to start a new church plant beside the one in Tachileik.

I am working on making my home into a learning center, where children and adults can come and learn Thai, English, Chinese, Burmese, mathematics, science, computers, but most importantly, where they can come to learn the Bible.

Please pray for our big soul-winning outreach again in Myanmar villages after the rainy season has finished. We are carefully researching all of the details now about where we can go preaching outside of Tachileik City without transgressing any laws of Myanmar or compromising with them as much as we can. Myanmar is a land of civil war. We still believe people there need to get saved, and people need to go to them for that to happen.

John Worawech Pariwat