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Dan and Lana Siemer Prayer Letter: Open Doors of Service

Dan and Lana Siemer Prayer Letter: Open Doors of ServiceWhat’s the Lord been doing here? He continues to use First Baptist Church, our local church, to open doors. We also thank you, the people and churches, that make it possible through your support and prayers.

1. He’s opened doors of service, such as hosting a missionary guest at a new church in North Chicago one week and then introducing this same church to Biblical missions the next. Through the prayers and efforts of many, this church has grown rapidly. What a joy it was to have a small but important part.
2. He’s enabled us to present the Gospel door to door, regardless of the weather. As we’ve prayed, He’s blessed with souls saved. Most recently, a truck driver named Charlie heard and understood the Gospel and trusted Christ as his Saviour. He and his wife had recently talked about needing to find a church, so it was a “divine appointment.” We’re praying for them and trying to stay in touch.
3. He’s enabled us to teach God’s Word to help believers grow to spiritual maturity. In addition to my daytime college missions-medicine class, I’m developing and teaching an advanced missions class in the evening Spanish Bible institute. The Lord has blessed both church-ministry classes.
4. He’s enabled us to keep serving missionaries and pastors, helping them to deal with medical and ministry situations. Churches and their pastors always face challenges; thankfully, I’ve noticed that the Lord’s timing is remarkable, allowing troubles to arise when we can help.
5. He’s blessed our men’s church prayer meeting with numerical growth and a heart in the men to pray. Each week, it’s spiritually refreshing to prepare the materials for them and to pray with them.
6. He’s helping me to think through the first-aid book project for Peru’s Amazon region. It seems the Lord would have me to broaden the scope, which would make it useful for churches worldwide.

At home, Lana continues to direct our church’s Sunbeam Department for special-needs children. So much time and effort is invested, preparing to present Bible truth in a way that they can comprehend. Each week, she also contributes to our local church’s team effort through the WMS and other ministries.

Recently, I’ve been dealing with problematic veins in my legs. Our doctor, a church member, once again gave wise direction, this time, to a specialist. By God’s grace, I only have one of the seven procedures remaining, and the situation is better. I hope to get a green light for full activity soon.

Please pray for (1) physical health, (2) doors of opportunity to serve, (3) spiritual fruit, and (4) the book project. And as
we pray for pastors and missionaries, let’s remember to pray for their churches.

With joy and deep gratitude,

Dan and Lana Siemer

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