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Caleb and Abby Amoros Prayer Letter: Guided and Helped by the Lord

Caleb and Abby Amoros Prayer Letter: Guided and Helped by the LordTo say that the Lord has helped and guided us in these past weeks is a big understatement! It is very encouraging to see the Lord confirming the ministry that He has called us to serve in and guiding us to the fields where He has divine appointments for us. It has been hard having to turn away missionaries who are requesting our help in Latin America due to our schedule and resources being maxed out, but we are also encouraged to see how many missionary families and churches are being helped by the work that God has called us to do.


We continued our deputation trail in Evansville, Indiana, with Faithway Baptist Church. This was a very special meeting for us, as we were able to present our ministry to the church family and also host an evangelistic Youth Rally with public school teens. After much prayer and preparation by everyone involved, the Lord truly met with us, as we saw salvations and many of the teens making decisions to strengthen their walk with the Lord. During the meeting, we perceived the Holy Spirit working on the hearts of a few teenagers regarding salvation during the invitation time. It was such a joy after the last preaching session to see two teenagers, a brother and sister, accept Christ as their Saviour! After our meeting in Evansville, we had to pause the rest of our deputation travels, as the doctor asked Abby to rest due to the impending arrival of our second daughter. It was a blessing for my wife to have this time to rest and recover.

Missionary Evangelistic Work

The Lord very clearly answered our continual prayer for His leadership in our ministry, as we were originally planning to be in Mexico helping a missionary family, but after He closed that door, the Holy Spirit pressed on our hearts to help Missionary Ricardo Portillo in Leon, Nicaragua. Our team was able to help his church family with evangelism and also serve in 2 new church plants on the west side of the country. God worked in a tremendous way, allowing us to see 16 people saved and be an encouragement to the national pastors who have started churches in very poor and needy areas of the country. Unbeknownst to us, there was a Pastors’ Meeting scheduled the week we were there. The Lord allowed us to be a part of this special meeting and teach on the subject of “The Biblical Role of an Evangelist in the Local Church.” This truly was a divine appointment, as after the meeting, 2 young men approached us to discuss how the Lord had been calling them to the ministry of an evangelist and how our lesson was a confirmation of God’s calling upon their lives.


Our family had the privilege to attend and officially complete Candidate School with FBMI. This was such a helpful time for us to keep growing and learning in developing the ministry the Lord has called us to do. We are so grateful for our mission board and the support they offer to our ministry.

This is also our first prayer letter as a family of four! Our second daughter, Celena Jaylinn Amoros, was born on May 25. Mom and baby are doing very well, praise the Lord, and we rejoice in seeing how God is blessing our family.

Prayer Requests

Please help us pray for the following needs:

1. Wisdom in the missionary evangelistic work that He has called us to do
2. Souls to be saved during a Youth Camp and evangelistic work coming up next month in the Dominican Republic
3. Profitable meetings and safety on our deputation trail
4. Wisdom in purchasing a bigger vehicle for our family to travel in
5. Finances for a Missionary Marriage Seminar in Latin America, which we are planning to host this fall

Yours for souls,

Caleb Amoros
Missionary Evangelist

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